Russian language is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the European continent. The language being Slavic, its roots can be traced to Latin, Greek and Sanskrit. It has become an internationally prominent language today and you can learn it by taking up a Russian language course in Kolkata from a foreign language institute.

Russian is an official language of countries like Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. It is a language of dignity, but is quite intimidating to learn. Learning Russian might be challenging at first but quite rewarding later.

If you learn Russian language in Kolkata, you have several alternatives by which you can learn it easily. If you have to study Russian school or college level and receive your degree in it, you will achieve expertise in the language from which you can give a plethora of career opportunities. As you achieve a degree in Russian, you can become a foreign language translator.

The translation firms nowadays employ people who are fluent in several languages including Russian. With this knowledge you would have the opportunity to work where you will be able to bridge the gap between English-speaking as well as Russian-speaking businesses.

Another career opportunity that you can get after taking some foreign language courses in Kolkata is to become a teacher of English and expert in second language in a Russian-speaking country. After receiving the certification on teaching, you can work for a language school in Russia where you will teach students how to speak, read, and write English. If you possess a solid knowledge of Russian, you will be able to work and live along with native Russian speakers.

If you want to learn Russian for travel purposes, you can take up some accelerated courses too where you can learn the language completely at your own pace. After learning it, you will feel more comfortable when you travel to a Russian speaking country as you have already learned how to communicate with the natives.

By taking up the Russian language course in Kolkata you can communicate your basic needs such as asking for directions etc. With the given time and the financial resources you can also enroll for different immersion programs in Russia. These programs last anywhere from two to six weeks. By doing this, you will be able to learn the Russian language efficiently and be able to experience the Russian way of life. You will become part of the life and culture, and also learn the language quickly.

Through intensive group and individual training, you will learn Russian language in Kolkata effectively. You will become efficient to interact with people on a daily basis with people who are native speakers of the Russian language. When you travel, you will become quite captivated by the everyday life of Russia. You understand and appreciate the Russian culture along with the art, culture and history along with the architecture food etc.

If you take up foreign language courses in Kolkata, where you will learn the Russian alphabet along with how to read and write, you will get tremendous opportunities in your career as well. Learning the language through an immersion program is an exciting way to broaden your horizons in all the fields.

Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope is the faculty member of IITT Languages Academy who teaches the Russian language course in Kolkata by taking innovative approaches. He uses books and study materials in unconventional ways to teach his students in the best way possible.