Kleenex Facial Tissue house hold product. They have most of the bathroom across the country, and cold and flu season savior. Everyone knows that Kleenex tissues commonly used for blowing your nose, right? Well, if they are used for blowing your nose ... why they are called disposable handkerchiefs? This is really what they are used to. But instead they called the facial tissues. Why is this so? Believe it or not, is really a very specific reason why these emissions cloth is known as facial tissues. This is because these tissues were originally invented and marketed a separate purpose and that purpose was certainly not disposed to use a handkerchief blowing your nose.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Kleenex tissue, presented in 1924 by women from the face to remove makeup. You see, back in 1920, women in the cold cream on their faces, and then wiped it with a towel to remove makeup. But now, instead of painting towels, and wash them, throw Kleenex was an alternative that was much easier to use and throw away. No more washing cloth towels and trying to remove stubborn makeup stains. The product was a success. Interestingly, the first of its marketing campaigns for Kleenex brand tissues were used to show the Hollywood make-up departments. These early advertising has shown that stars like Helen Hayes and Jean Harlow, the use of Kleenex tissues and cold cream is easy to remove heavy make-up of Hollywood from his face. The product was used with a number of years that use women as a basic idea of ??facial tissue.

Little was Kimberly-Clark executives know, despite these early campaigns as a tool to remove makeup from the face of society, including free men had the idea to use a different make-up removal of these tissues. Up to 1926., Only two years after their introduction into the market, Kimberly-Clark Corporation has received a lot of consumer letters, stating that the fabric of reality has been widely used as disposable handkerchiefs. This has brought to their attention that many people are using these tissues blow your nose, rather than use them to remove makeup. These messages are captured at the Kimberly Clark Corporation, heads out, and they decided to do a small experiment to see if it was true.

To test the alternatives to disposable handkerchief to blow your nose as a potential way to market Kleenex products and increase sales, Kimberly-Clark, conducted a survey of Illinois newspaper. In this survey, it was an ad in which two well-known use of Kleenex facial tissue. Readers were asked one of the most prevalent as a way to remove cold cream from the face or blow your nose a single handkerchief. Polls showed that 60% of newspaper readers were actually used Kleenex facial tissues as a single handkerchief.

By 1930, Kimberly-Clark changed their advertising campaign for Kleenex, focusing on facial tissues as a single handkerchief, and sales have doubled! Now you know why they are called "facial tissue" instead of "disposable handkerchiefs! Is not that perfect sense? Intends to prove once again that the customer is always right!

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