If you have decided you are going to start running as a workout a few times a week, or for fun, or even to join some local races, then you might also want to take a closer look at the benefits of belonging to a running club. A virtual running club, or a local one could be a great way to meet similar people, get some tips, make some friends and get some support. Sometimes you also find people you can run with too. Here is a look at what some of the benefits are to a running club and what to consider before joining.

Top reasons for joining a club

1) Have some company

Running is a great activity because if you like solitude and somewhere where you can focus on yourself you can do that, but if you like the company you can also choose to run that way too. When you are a club member you don’t have to beg your friends to come out with you, you have a group of people you can connect with who are happy to join you physically, or virtually.

2) Split costs when entering races as you travel

If you decide to enter races and want to travel to different places and run either nationally or internationally you can do it as part of your online running club. You could split the costs of hotels, entrance fees and travelling too to save some money.

3) Have people motivating and supporting you

As part of a group of like-minded people, they will be there sometimes physically to support and motivate or otherwise online rooting for you. When you have someone telling you that you can do it and moments where you want to quit and can be very powerful and motivational.

4) Have a source of information to draw from

You can also draw on the club for information and technique tips. What shoes are best, where to get them, what races to join, what technique to use and so on. If you are new to running this can be especially useful.

Before you join a club

Before you join a virtual running club you should consider these factors.

1) What level of fitness are most club members?

Some clubs have a range of different fitness levels and some try to have members joining who meet the same standards and have similar objectives and backgrounds. Check before you join that the club is going to be suitable for you.

2) Do they run the events you want to?

If there are particular events you want to train for and run do they offer them?

3) What are the joining costs?

Compare the joining fees and what you get for that fee. Some have apps, offer running kits, or organise social events.

4) Are there expectations concerning prize money winnings?

If you do enter competitive races does your online running club expect members to split prizes? Some do and some let you keep it all.

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