You are probably already familiar with Java considering the number of times it asks for your permission when you visit a website or play a video. It’s one of the most powerful programming languages in the world and could open a world of opportunities for freshers like you. Some of the biggest companies like Google, Accenture, Spotify, Uber, Pinterest, Myntra, TCS & more are all big lovers of Java.

If you’re wondering why 2021 is still a great year for you to kickstart a career in this space, then here are eight things you need to know. Let’s dive right in!

1. Easy to Learn:
The good thing about Java is that it did not make any significant changes in its fundamentals. The principles and object-oriented features are the same as they were since the start. To reduce the time spent in programming, new advancements in the form of libraries and APIs are introduced. Also, its English-like syntax like gender x angle brackets is an easy way to read a Java program and get on board with the learning process.

2. Highly Adaptable:
Java is practically everywhere and is highly adaptable. You will find it on your desktop, smartphone, tablet & every other digital device. The beauty of Java is that it powers millions of devices in real-time. It’s so efficient that it can do everything from creating a functional program to handling big data by using tools like Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop.

Platform Independent: Developers and IT companies trust Java for one very important reason which is the ‘write once and run everywhere’ rule. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is responsible for this. It’s a simple tool but is highly effective. Once you write the code, it is all sent to the virtual machine before execution. It converts the programmer's code into byte code and then sends it to the compiler, which is when the final execution takes place. No matter what environment the JVM is put in, the process remains the same.

3. Large Community Support:
It laid the groundwork for a lot of innovative technologies and frameworks that companies currently use. Thus, today, there are plenty of use cases and code segments as resources to develop new applications. Other than this, there’s a massive community of Java developers that includes everyone from freshers to experts who are always available to lend a hand.

4. Proven and Powerful IDE:
The reason behind Java being so popular and powerful is Eclipse and NetBeans. They don’t just help with code completion but also have huge debugging capabilities. This is especially important for enterprises that have large project needs and software to be created. If you are new to Java, consider beginning with BlueJ, where you get to learn through an intuitive and visual environment.

5. Powers Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:
Yes, you read that right. Java supports big data, machine learning & artificial intelligence. Java uses the right tools and libraries to help in the execution of machine learning algorithms. Also, Java is responsible for laying the foundation for big data and its frameworks.

6. API Support:
It is a great language when it comes to the reduction of code and accelerating programming skills without the interference of complexities. It is wise to adopt Java APIs like Streams API and functional programming constructs.

7. High PayScale:
They are among the most highly paid employees. This is because you get to work on a variety of mission-critical applications where your expertise is crucial. That said, an entry-level Java developer may start with a salary of four to five lakh rupees. However, an experienced developer can start with ten lakhs and the scale can go up depending on your experience and overall performance.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Java
If you are a fresher with no prior experience, consider Java training in Vadodara. You will get a one-stop-shop learning experience where you would grasp the basic and advanced concepts of Java. Get guidance from industry experts & develop an understanding through real-time scenarios & projects!

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