I'm a firm believer that if you treat your employees well - that is; trust them, offer them what they want, and treat them with respect, you will receive exactly that back from them. People radiate back exactly what they are given to them, so if you want a workforce who are going to cooperate and work hard, you need to ensure that they enjoy their work.

If we break that down, one associates 'enjoying' work with whether they are satisfied, challenged, and feeling positive thoughts. These positive thoughts are most impacted by things like social activities, relationship building, and the essence of achieving goals that are meaningful to them.

Now why might you want a employees who enjoy their work?

First off, it will improve your work - positivity and producitivty rubs off on people in your close vicinity, so if you are managing a team of highly productive and positive employees who enjoy their work, you will enjoy catching up with them and you will become significantly more productive your self.

Secondly, you will get more of the 'good stuff' done. Most employees who don't enjoy their job are just trying to get the minimum amount of work done that will tick them over - they're often going to be watching the clock down to 5pm also. But those who enjoy their job, will be more inclined to do work outside of usual hours if it poses the opportunity to benefit them in some way, they'll also work harder during their working hours.

My advice on how to get a quick fix of positivity in your office - introduce more social events and more exercise.

Author's Bio: 

Marcus Taylor is an online entrepreneur who is vastly interested in life coaching and self development. His personal website and portfolio is on http://www.marcus-taylor.net