Work is important for both physical and mental expression. We work so that we can earn a living. The kind of work we do is what puts food on the diner table.

Without work, we do not expect to get a paycheck. The kind of work you do should be an expression of yourself.

Human beings were created for work. It doesn't matter whether you are self-employed or are employed by someone else, the fact is that you do what you are doing because you love it or because you have to earn that much-needed paycheck.

The kind of job you do can be a great source of happiness and or sadness. If your current job does not satisfy your desires or let's just say does not motivate you, consider doing something else.

If you do not take pride in what you do, for a living, I suggest leaving it, you are in the wrong field. Find something that you are happy with or that makes you happy. Something that you will do with all your heart.

Your job should be enjoyable. After all, you spend most of your time working. You must always be looking forward to getting up early in the morning and going to work.

Nine out of ten a person who is motivated by what he does achieves more with his job than one who just looks forward to a paycheck.

Look, I know that at the end of the day we are all expecting a paycheck. But the difference is how effective and efficient you are that will prime you for advancement.

If you want to make a significant contribution to humanity you must be able to give more of yourself.

To easily give more, you must be in a position to enjoy the process.

You Get What You Give
Life gives you back what you give it. You cannot expect to get oranges out of a guava tree. Neither can you expect to get guavas out of an apple tree.

You give life mediocrity, you get exactly that out of it. You give it your best, expect to get the best out of it. If you want to get happiness, give it happiness.

Your productivity is highly increased when you do what you love. You are more at peace and more confident when you stick with your lane.

It is easy to express yourself when you're at peace. When you are not struggling. When your mind is focused.

I love writing. I tell my stories through this blog. Most of the content on this site is a result of my personal experience.

I currently do not have any formal qualifications in personal development and self-improvement. Everything I write is a result of the passion and love I have for personal development.

If you want to get maximum rewards for your efforts you need to put in extra. It is much easier and better to achieve your goals by doing what you love.

You are Full of Confidence
Believe me, when you love your work, you ooze with confidence. It shows even in the quality of your end product.

Confidence ignites an increase in productivity. When you are confident with yourself you are more likely to enjoy happiness. Which is fundamental to living a better life. Which I also think is what we all want to achieve a better life for ourselves and our immediate families.

Those who are confident are even more motivated to conquer the world. They are never satisfied with their latest achievements. They have the zeal and energy to go even further.

Confidence is also a source of motivation that is needed to keep you going. Even when you fail the first time you will rise up and move forward because you simply love what you do. You refuse to accept failure.

If you are an employer you will agree with me that your most productive employers are those who are confident and love their work.

The more you achieve your targets, the more confident and motivated you become. There is a feeling of joy every time you achieve something. I always experience a sense of satisfaction every time I hit the publish button.

Just the experience of that joy can be a major boost of energy and motivation for you to do more with your life.

Learning is Easy
When you love something you will do everything in your power to get it. When you get it you will be more careful in ensuring that you keep it for the longest period possible.

You will be motivated to acquire new skills that will help improve your output.

In this case, learning will not be so much of a challenge for you. You will be more focused knowing that you are acquiring useful knowledge and skills that will naturally pay off in the long run.

Failure is Easily Overcome
One of the biggest reasons why we do not succeed is being overwhelmed with failure. We fail because we allow failure to breed fear.

This fear is even worse if the process of achieving success is not aligned with our natural talents and calling.

However, when we align this process with what flows naturally from within, failure is not an option but a stepping stone.

There is a natural tendency to repel failure when we are in "our zone." There is always a way of overcoming failure by persistently pursuing our calling.

Failure is easily overcome when you are busy loving to push for results.

It Makes Life Easy
Life, as it is, is already complicated. There is already so much stress on us as individuals. there are so many things that need to be done in a very short period of time.

There are so many things that need our attention every day. Because of the nature of what life has become now, we ought to reduce the pressure on ourselves by enjoying our work.

This can only be achieved by finding our God-given calling and talents that we can utilise to the fullest to achieve our life's purposes.

The importance of doing what you love for a living cannot be overemphasised. Life is much more bearable and easier to handle when your living is mainly derived from doing what you love.

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I like to write personal development articles. I am a computer programmer. I love to read and enjoy helping and seeing other people succeed. It is very satisfying to help someone and see them move based on your help. See my work Click