Mesothelioma symptoms often do not become noticeable for several decades. This fact makes it difficult to detect in patients until the disease is in its late stages. Compounding the issue, early mesothelioma symptoms are often mistaken for symptoms of different ailments; such as the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, or even heart disease. It is typical that a proper diagnosis is made in the later stages of this aggressive form of cancer. Initial mesothelioma symptoms are usually shortness of breath and general fatigue, followed by acute localized pain. Additional symptoms like wheezing, excessive coughing, and coughing up blood can occur over time.

Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that affects the protective lining surrounding some of the body’s internal organs – the lungs, the heart, and the abdomen. Every year hundreds of people are diagnosed with the disease. Though some are diagnosed in the early stages of the disease, most people are not diagnosed until the disease is well established and in its late stages. The disease is, like any cancer, expensive to treat and leaves most patients with difficulty paying their mounting medical bills.

After diagnosis, many patients neglect to investigate mesothelioma attorneys who may be able to help them get compensated for their disease. Obviously, it is a difficult time to think about entering a lawsuit. Consulting mesothelioma attorneys upon discovering mesothelioma symptoms is probably not going to be the first thing on a patient’s mind. But a lawsuit might result in a financial award that may help the patient and his or her family pay for the high costs associated with necessary medical treatments.

Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos fibers. Asbestos is a substance that is highly risky to use due to its associated health implications. While at one time, the dangers associated with asbestos were not fully understood, many manufacturers of asbestos today are well aware of the serious, associated risks. Many mesothelioma patients are exposed to asbestos while at work. It can often be shown that their work environments may have put them at greater risk for developing the disease. This is often found as wrongful or negligent exposure and qualified mesothelioma attorneys can help patients obtain restitution from asbestos manufacturers in many instances.

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