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I have been searching on ways to increase my penis size. It has long been my problem especially when it comes to having sex with my girl. I know it's all based on performance but I still can't help but desire to get a bigger penis for a more pleasurable encounter. How do I make my penis bigger? Are there possible ways for me to try to finally achieve an increased penis size? I have researched time and again and here are the things I have got to try.

I have read that there are creams that I can try to increase the size of my penis. These creams come with steroids which will act on my penis the way it does to any other muscle. The creams can be purchased over the counter in most drug stores. It is sure to make my penis bigger in less than a month with constant application. However, I am little unsure because of the steroid content. I have researched that steroids come with side effects. I am quite worried that it may affect sensitive nerve endings of my penis taking away the stimulation.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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What will I do with a bigger penis if it doesn't feel any stimulation right? I have also consulted with my personal physician and he said that it is safe. It is to be applied topical which simply means none of it will be ingested in any way. The only thing is he has to perform some skin allergic reaction tests to determine if there are ingredients I may react to because of its potency. My physician also advised me to perform exercises first before resorting to cream application. He explained a method called the Milking and Ballooning. He described what has to be done and how to execute the exercises. He instructed me to do the exercises three times a week for me to see faster results.

Upon reaching home, I undressed and headed straight to the shower for a warm ten minute bath. He told me that the warm bath is necessary to promote increased blood circulation around the penis area. After having that warm shower, I lubricated both my penis and my hands. I started playing with my penis until it got rock hard. I encircled my penis with my thumb and forefinger and firmly sliding the grip up to the head and followed through with the other hand. The pleasure was inexplicable. It made my penis harder and harder as I did the Milking exercise.

He told me to continue doing so until I am about to reach orgasm. It was very difficult. I had to be conscious with the fact that I have to stop and control orgasm as part of the next exercise which is the Ballooning Technique. Good thing I was able to stop just when I was about to ejaculate. I got the hang of it that I now can determine the best time to stop just before ejaculation. I continued for three more times then decided to release. It was messy finish but worth it. I know now that this will do the trick without even trying on any creams.

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In order to learn how to use a penis squeeze exercise properly for the extension of your penis, you should read this article. The goal of any penis extension program is to obviously grow the penis and even widen the girth of the penis, at the same time. While many men believe in alternative therapy for the extension of their unit, it is basically not necessary to spend any money on worthless pills and definitely not anything that revolves around gels or creams for enlargement. We as men all know that lotion and a quick hand massage will make your penis larger, but it will not make it to extend larger than it normally has been for your entire life without penis exercises and a good healthy lifestyle.

Totality of Entire Penis Acknowledgment

The penis squeeze exercise is just what it says it is, to squeeze your penis. Now this is not to say that you just grab a hold of your penis and start squeezing, not all. There is a simple exercise that has proven to add length to the penis and added-girth as well. It's a virtual win-win situation and one that you need to take advantage of if you are lacking in that size department of the 'Johnson'. Before this squeeze exercise is performed, it is recommended that you wrap a warm towel around the shaft of the penis, and leave it there for about five minutes. What this will do is prepare the penis for increased blood flow and stimulate the capillaries of the skin of the penis to a more receptive environment. Always remember that every part of the penis should be taken into consideration when dealing with enlargement issues.

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Blood Vessels and Capillary Importance

The blood vessels and capillaries of the skin of the penis are important as they need to be increased so that the flow of more blood can be accentuated and realized. It is all about the amount of blood that can be held in your penis that will be the final barometer of both size and width increases. Once the warm towel has been applied and the five minutes have passed, remove the towel and firmly grab your penis, with either hand. Another important tip here is that mentally you should be prepared to envision your penis growing longer and stronger and being filled with more blood than ever before. Close your eyes and try this,

Exercise and Fluidity

Envision your penis being filled with water; you can feel the balloon becoming heavy with the weight of the added water almost to the point of bursting! Of course, stop at the point of bursting, and get back to the physicality of grasping, gently but firmly, your penis in the hand. Now gently squeeze and hold for a count of 25, then release. Repeat these practices 20 to 25 repetitions, each and every day, and by the end of the first two months, you should see an increase in both the size and width of your penis.

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By increasing your penis size, naturally, you will feel great about yourself and know that there are no artificial prescriptions drugs or stimulants, inside your body. The overall benefit of having a larger penis is wonderful and we can discuss some of those advantages right here and now! The first advantage of increasing penis size with natural techniques comes from the feeling that a man gets from doing a job himself and without the assistance of artificial means. It does not matter how the penis became longer and that the lovemaking scenes have become so much better, as long as it was initiated by the man himself and done ala-naturale!

Organ that is the Penis

Various natural penis size increases are those that lack artificial anything. Do not forget that a healthy lifestyle and diet are two of the most important facets for any exercise program and the penis is nothing different than just an organ that is being worked out. Think about how while in high school when you wanted to have bigger 'guns' and you worked out either at home or in the school gym, towards that goal. Recall the steps you took through the exercise routine and what sacrifices you made to have bigger arms and biceps for athletic prowess or maybe just to impress the ladies.

Extension of Manhood

Any penis exercise program can be seen as an extension of your manhood and will benefit your overall health as well as extend the length of your penis. By using only natural techniques you will see no serious negative side effects from gulping down strange copious amounts of weird artificially created, substances. Natural means just that, natural, free from all man-made or synthetic ingredients and or complications.

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Natural is the Way to a Larger Penis

Penis enlargement is not complicated; it has to do with the amount of blood flow to your penis and nothing else. If anyone tried to convince you that there is something to penis enlargement other then the blood that goes into the penis and your mental attitude, they are misleading you. Natural penis growth involves penis exercises, healthy diet and lifestyle, and a strong clear conscience. Studies have shown that exercising any part of the human body, promotes larger and greater muscle gains.

How I Overcame the Issue of a Diminutive Unit

The goals are not as important as the actual steps towards that goal, yet can serve as a finish line of sorts, for the male that is struggling with penis enlargement issues. Does this sound like you? Are you struggling with coming to terms with the size of your penis and don't not know what to do about it? Worry no more my friend as I am here to help you with that penis issue. I too suffered from both lack of self-confidence and a smaller unit, and can honestly say that it affected my earlier years as an adult male in the swinging 80's. I'm okay now and it is only because I educated myself on the finer points of lovemaking and religiously used the natural methods only to increase the size of my unit. You can too.

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Did you know growing your penis larger in size is outright easy? Most guys have the idea that there is no way their male organ can ever grow without making use of some kind of device or taking some medication. Au contraire... because it is now a scientific fact that just by using your hands to do some simple exercises on your manhood, you have the potential to grow your penis larger naturally!

Now I don't mean to downplay the effectiveness of those expensive male enhancement products that the other guys are raving about. What I am trying to say is if you do not wish to spend so much of your money on these products, then you don't have to. Your hands are the only tools you need.

"How do you do exercises to your sensitive organ?"

The word exercise may frighten off most men from even finding out what this fabulous technique of male enhancement is all about. The truth is, there is no exercise routine at all. What is involved are just some easy to do stretching, stroking, and massaging routines you perform on your organ and its surrounding areas.

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These routines are absolutely elementary. For example, one technique which is known to benefit the length of your penis requires you to just use your fingers to pull your shaft outwards as much as you can and hold the stretch for a few seconds. The 'exercises' are so easy and quick to do that it typically takes you just about 20 minutes each day!

"What effect would doing the exercises have on your penis?"

By doing these simple stretches or massages, 2 things happen within your male organ. One, you cause newer and larger cells to grow inside. This increases the ability for your penis to hold more blood within its channels. And two, you promote a higher blood flow and better circulation to your organ. This results in more blood being stored in your penis blood channels, increasing the physical size of your manhood through and through.

And because the size increase is mainly contributed by the production of larger cells in your male organ, and the fact that cells do not grow smaller ever, you can expect to never be troubled again by your manhood size for your whole life! Quite an amazing feat for a technique which only makes use of your hands to exercise your penis, don't you think?

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