Hematospermia or blood semen is a common symptom in males, and in many clinical cases, there may be blood in nocturnal emission. What caused that? The following reasons are what you should not overlook.

1. Seminal vesiculitis

Seminal vesiculitis is the most common cause of hematospermia. Seminal vesicle walls are thin, and when the seminal vesicle gets inflamed, edema and congestion will appear in the walls, making the capillary brittleness on seminal vesicle wall increased. When there is ejaculation, seminal vesicle will have a strong contraction, to break up capillaries and cause bleeding.

2. Varicose veins of the posterior urethra

Many venules in the neck of the bladder extend directly to the posterior urethra. The venules dilate and the posterior urethra contracts strongly when discharging sperm during sexual intercourse, causing the venules to rupture and leading to hematospermia.

3. Urethral inflammation

When there is urethral inflammation, especially in the verumontanum, the man is more prone to hemospermia, which is characterized by blood in anterior semen.

4. Blood disease

Usually, the patient with blood disease is prone to haemorrhage, so it is also possible that he may have blood in semen during the ejaculation or in nocturnal emission.

5. Verumonitis

Chronic verumonitis easily leads to verumontanum hypertrophy, dysuria and ejaculation pain. Since there are congestion and edema in the verumontanum, its mucosa is prone to rupture and hemorrhage. During the sexual intercourse, the posterior urethra produces a strong constriction sensation, making hematospermia more likely to occur.

6. Prostatitis

Prostatic fluid is the main component of semen, accounting for about 30% of semen. When there is prostatitis in males, it will also lead to blood semen.

7. Urethral injury

Frequent sexual life can make prostate and seminal vesicle congested excessively, which can also cause blood sperm. In particular, when there is an urethral mucosal injury caused by aggressive or inappropriate sexual intercourse, it will lead to the blood semen.

If you discover that you have blood semen, you must undergo check-ups in the hospital and find out what caused that. In addition to the causes mentioned above, the etiology of hematospermia can also be seminal vesicle cyst, tuberculosis, tumor, schistosomiasis, portal hypertension and systemic blood system diseases.

Treat your symptoms according to the causes. For seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis and other urinary problems, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a nice option, which can help patients restore the urogenital functions with no side effects. For other problems and symptoms, patients should follow the doctor's advice, actively undergo the treatment and do not take medicine at will.

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