The interior design of a residential space is not a mere aesthetic issue, since a correct harmony and proportion of the elements can provide us with comfort and transmit our identity.
To do this, the design must be functional and seductive to provoke an emotional response, characteristics to be highlighted in the short course in Interior Design for residential interiors Bangalore that begins on October 15.

taurusinspro, interior designer with experience in decoration and remodeling of residential spaces, offices and commercial premises, explains that the interior decoration of a residential space has a positive influence on the user, since the spaces are designed and intervened according to their needs and tastes.

“For this, each project must be generated in a personalized way according to the lifestyle and tastes of the family members. In this way, if the design tools are applied well, they generate well-being ”, explains Arce exclusively for taurusinspro.

The trend in taurusinspro is varied, although modern-contemporary, eclectic spaces predominate and the vintage theme is also relevant.
However, who is also a graduate and current teacher of the short course best interior design company in bangalore, explains that in personalized interior design projects, the elements must be handled, above all, to create harmony.

The outstanding professional mentions, among the most important, the color, the textures without falling into excesses, the combination of materials, the location of the furniture, the finishes and the lighting that brings out the spaces.

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