Endometriosis is a common problem in females, which is a serious cause of female infertility. From the traditional Chinese medicine’s point of view, endometriosis may emerge in the lower abdomen, uterus and venation on uterus.

Herbal professionals hold the view that as to the endometriosis, the root cause generally lies in the kidney, and the changed symptoms develop from heart and spleen, which necessitates treatment from the basis of heart, spleen and kidney.

As the kidney is responsible for reproduction, the main pathogenesis of the endometriosis in clinical practice is triggered by kidney and qi deficiency, imbalance of yin and yang in kidney as well as invasion of external cold wind into uterine cells.

Concsequently, kidney deficiency is the fundamental problem for patients with endometriosis, which involves treatment based on nourishing kidney and improving the kidney essence.

The unobstructed body fluid related to dysfunctional spleen and kidney may lead to the coexistence of phlegm and blood stasis. Therefore, nourishing spleen and kidney should be attached importance to when treating endometriosis, according to the doctors’ advice.

Herbal medicine is the well-proved useful approach in solving the problem of qi and blood deficiency, imbalance between yin and yang as well as the viscera dysfunction, which may involve spleen, lung, kidney, liver, heart and other organs.

As a useful and effective herbal medicine, Fuyan Pill is developed base on traditional Chinese medicine theory in treating gynecological diseases with various functions. It is made of more than fifty kinds of herbal materials, all of which are well-selected and have no side effects.

Years of research have shown that herbs can easily get into viscera to nourish and regulate the inner tissues and organs to keep them in a balanced state. By nourishing spleen, the qi and blood will achieve a normal transformation, which will improve the condition of kidney and then contribute to female fertility.

In addition, the herbs in the Fuyan Pill are able to eradicate all kinds of bacteria and eliminate inflammation completely to help female individuals relieve painful symptoms caused by endometriosis. So it is safe and effective.

The effect of traditional Chinese medicine can not accomplished overnight. So it is necessary to adhere to the medication. The same is true for patients with endometriosis. Besides, female friends should pay attention to personal hygiene and daily diet. Don’t indulge yourself in sexual behaviors. It’s also necessary to do more exercise at ordinary times. Good habits are indispensable conditions for the full restoration. So you should keep at it.

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