Apple launched Swift but its use is not limited only to iOS app development. Apart from iOS platform, Swift is also used for MacOS, tvOS, watchOS application development. Recently, it has been observed that Swift can be applied to Linux platform and even Google is also considering to use Swift language for Android application development.
Swift has emerged as multi-paradigm, general purpose, compiled programming language. Many beginners are now thinking of flourish their career as Swift app developer.

Swift is now becoming the favorite choice for iOS application development. It has also contributed a lot in enterprise-based mobile application development.
Swift is an open source framework for iOS application development. This the major thing why Swift is most favorite coding language for iOS app development.

Sometimes, iOS app developers can not afford expensive tools and resources to design enterprise applications. Swift offers flexibility and open source libraries to develop contextual applications on newest versions of iOS.
Swift is the valid choice for enterprises who demands interactive application development in shorter time period. Swift helps to provide more practical experience to access online services of business. Swift retains business budget significantly as they are compiled codes. In other languages, server compiles the source code which needs computing resources every time. This means Swift involves less hardware and more scalability


The iOS applications that are developed with Swift programming are quite productive. This language is quite effective and provides secure application coding environment. Swift is also time-efficient language as it provides easy to use coding syntaxes and features. The Swift Package Manager is equipped with more than 2000 application code bundles. The package bundles provide ready-to-use code so that developers do not need to define different functions in application programming.

The dynamic back-end feature allows developers to port Swift applications on existing iOS apps. The iOS app developers can easily move application code between client and server. The dynamic database facility helps to improve the security and performance along with the bandwidth optimization.

Strong Support

The Swift language is just a couple of years old and has more than 33000 of members on GitHub. This huge number of members indicates the popularity of Swift among the application developers. Since its release, more and more app developers are showing their interest in Swift app development.

Many of application developers are very much familiar with Objective-C programming. Swift is easy to understand learn for such developers as it derives a lot of basic concepts of Objective-C. It is predicted that sooner or later, developers will prefer Swift over Objective-C for iOS application development. Swift is more robust and fast, these two features are more responsible for driving enterprise industry towards iOS applications. The businesses have started investing their in-house development team to provide Swift programming training for the future projects.

Swift And Cloud

All the latest mobile applications have already entered into cloud computing. The smartphones sometimes need to handle and manage a huge amount of application data. With cloud computing, enterprise applications become more independent. The customers and employees can access iOS application easily without the restriction of time and place. Cloud computing makes the application more powerful and interoperable. The iOS applications become more contextual and relevant when merged with a cloud.

The modern enterprise world now largely depends on IoT and cloud-based applications. The location-based services like iBeacon can be implemented with the help of cloud storage. Users can access different product services through application cloud.

Swift Is Future

Apple has introduced Swift in order to expand the scope of iOS application development. Swift inherits every great thing of Objective-C and offers a completely new set of feature. Swift has an ability to provide eligible solutions that can be applied to the variety of problems occur during application development.

To make career bright, it has now become necessary for application developers to learn Swift language along with Objective-C. There are numerous resources available to become successful Swift app developer. Generally, it is easy to learn Swift if decent study material is followed properly. For example, the online Swift learning resources like Geek Lemon Xcode Tutorial and NSScreencast provide very authentic Swift tutorials and iOS app development guidelines. They weekly upload videos based on different Swift programming concept. Swift has the ability to encompass all the latest trends in iOS applications.


The above-mentioned characteristics of Swift prove that it is the right choice the enterprise application development. The Apple has also released the latest version Swift 3 to make iOS application development more effective and reliable. The advanced features and easy accessibility of Swift language surely going to help iOS application market to a whole new level.

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