All set for your First Study-Abroad Trip?
A year or more of studying abroad will be an astonishing experience that will stay with you lifelong.

Having said that, don’t you think it’s a meticulous task to prep for Overseas Education?

Well, it begins right from selecting the universities to doing the applications, getting the university admits and applying for scholarships, calculating the expenses and applying for Education Loans if required, finishing the Visa Process and booking air tickets to reach your dream study destination. So many things to do.

But the task doesn’t end with just an admit or Visa in hand. In the mid of all this, there is always a chance of overlooking a not so minor aspect – a Study Abroad Travel Insurance.

Why should you take Travel Insurance for Overseas Education?
Insurance is generally taken for protection. Similarly, travel insurance is also taken to protect you from certain kinds of Financial Risks and Losses which might occur while travelling. A minor loss like delayed baggage or major losses like last-minute trip cancellation or a medical emergency overseas is covered in this Travel Insurance. Thus, you need to purchase Travel Insurance.

Benefits of Purchasing Travel Insurance
A good Travel Insurance is the one which gives you a comprehensive coverage irrespective of the country you choose. The best Travel Insurance is the one which covers your travel right from your residence till the university Gate and a few days even after that. The complete time taken for your University Registration and Orientation will also be covered in few Travel Insurances.

The main points to look for in your Travel Insurance Policy are:

• Coverage for loss of Passport or Checked-In Baggage
• Coverage in the form of reimbursements for
• Trip Interruptions
• Delay
• Cancellations due to weather conditions or any other reason
• Coverage for Emergency Lodging Extension
• Coverage for Emergency Cash Requirement
• Coverage for Bounced Hotel
• Coverage for Personal Liability
• Coverage for Medical Factors
• Coverage for Cashless Hospitalization in Network Hospitals
• Coverage of Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Review your insurance plan carefully before you buy as all plans do not offer the same coverage.

Now, don’t you think it is important to purchase a Travel Insurance? But before you do that it’s essential to analyse the Travel Insurance Alternatives.

How to analyse Travel Insurance Alternatives?
First and foremost, it is very important to understand the university needs for which you are applying. The policies of Travel Insurance differ from university to university.

Some points to ponder upon;
• Few universities insist on buying Insurance Policy directly from them, while few of them don’t even ask for it.
• Some universities do not comply with Indian Insurers' Policies.
• Out of country Insurance Policies are not accepted by few universities. In such cases, you must either buy a policy from the university or search for a local insurer in their country who complies with the university's rules.

Variation in USA
USA differs a bit from the general travel insurance norms. USA universities make sure that the policies tally with theirs’ before admissions. If the policies differ, then they insist on buying their Travel Insurance.

After analysing all the Travel Insurance alternatives, it is best to purchase a Travel Insurance in your country which complies with the policies of the universities you have finalised. It makes you stay protected by mostly covering your belongings, important documents or any third-party personal liability.

So, it is very important to buy a policy which suits your needs and covers the potential risks you anticipate in the country you are visiting. It is equally essential to thoroughly study the policy document and consider all the aspects before you opt for Travel Insurance to avoid worries or disputes in the future.

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Wish you good luck with your Study Abroad Plans!

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