Spirituality begins with discovering one’s true self. This is the ultimate purpose of human life. Without spirituality in our life, we perceive things through our worldly perception. We try to solve the problems related to relationships, work issues, family life and much more from our past experiences and history. However misunderstandings continue to happen and thus we continue to suffer and make those around us suffer, in life. This only increases the confusion further, as we end up making the same mistakes and keep creating the same entanglements.

The reason why this is happening is mainly due to our ignorance. We do not really know ‘who am I’. Ignorance of the Self is the biggest cause of any problem in life. All the confusion in this world is created because of the ignorance of the Self only.

Our real Self is the Pure Soul!
The Soul, by its inherent nature, is eternal. It has infinite knowledge, infinite vision, infinite energy and infinite bliss; and it is capable of illuminating the entire universe. Yet we experience helplessness, suffering, pain and insecurity. Why?...

It is because we are not ‘aware’ of the Self; we are not aware of our own energy; we are not ‘aware’ of the authority of the Self. Spirituality makes us aware of it. Therefore, spiritual development is the key to a healthy, happy and successful life, that is free of all problems and miseries.
Spiritual development is based on the right understanding!
After we attain Self-Realization, the right understanding begins to set in and prevail in our interactions, in our relationships, and in various circumstances, in every aspect of our daily life. It helps us to see things just the way they are, without forming opinions, without any expectations, and without seeing faults in others or even within ourselves.

The essence of spirituality is not to hurt any living being, to the slightest extent through our mind, speech, and body. And this is what every Self-realised being holds onto. When we have the intention of not hurting others, then no one comes to hurt us either.

One understands that everything that happens, good or bad, is a result of one’s own causes. Hence, there is no one to blame. One learns to solve problems by applying the right understanding rather than keep blaming someone else for it.
Through spirituality, one stops expecting and starts accepting.

Because one has the ability to see one’s own mistakes, one becomes free from them, thus experiencing more and more happiness and lightness with each passing day.
When one happens to give an opinion or hurts others in any way, one uses the master key of Pratikraman i.e. asking for forgiveness. While opinions, hurting others and seeing faults in people makes us uneasy, through pratikraman, one experiences internal peace.

Anger, pride, deceit and greed are the root causes of all sufferings in life. It’s only through spirituality that one learns to remain detached from these emotions and in the awareness of the real Self i.e. the Soul, sees and knows them objectively.

To conclude: After Self-realisation, spiritual development begins. With spiritual development, the right understanding enhances. The right understanding is the key to living a healthy, happy and successful life.

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Author's Bio: 

Ambalal M. Patel was a civil contractor by profession. In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and the Lord that manifest within him became known as Dada Bhagwan. A Gnani Purush is One who has realized the Self and is able help others do the same. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan used to go from town to town and country-to-country to give satsang (spiritual discourse) and impart the knowledge of the Self, as well as knowledge of harmonious worldly interactions to everyone who came to meet him. This spiritual science, known as Akram Vignan, is the step-less path to Self-realization.