Prostatitis treatment is not an easy thing. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs alone can not effectively treat the disease. On the contrary, it may cause more difficulties in treatment, increase the economic burden of patients, and cause physical and mental pain.

Why does prostatitis like a relapse?

1. Anatomic location of the prostate

The prostate is an inverted triangle organ located at the bottom of the pelvis. There are two aspects of its particularity:

One is that a thick lipid capsule wraps the prostate. As a result, oral administration or intramuscular injection is difficult to penetrate the prostate. Thus, it is impossible to form the drug concentration needed to eliminate the inflammation, and it is impossible to kill bacteria and pathogens, so the inflammation will not subside naturally.

The second is that the prostate is densely covered with long and thin ducts. Under inflammation, the ducts are easily blocked, which makes it difficult to discharge the inflammatory secretions. Therefore, although there are various treatments for prostatitis, there are not many methods that can solve these two difficulties.

2. Stop the drug blindly because of the improvement of symptoms

Once the symptoms are significantly relieved, many patients will always ask: can I stop taking drugs? Some people even stop taking medications without consulting a doctor.

Many patients often stop taking medicine when their symptoms improve at the initial stage, and the symptoms have been significantly aggravated when the symptoms recur. This kind of patient feels that they are "relapsed." Still, many people are "false improvement," the root of the disease has not been removed, until they are aware of the symptoms again, they have delayed the treatment for some time, the condition has often worsened. After a long treatment period, many patients were cheated by the illusion that they would stop taking medicine blindly, which led to the abandonment of previous achievements and started over again.

Especially for male patients who intend to have children, if sperm abnormality is caused by chronic prostatitis for a long time, it is more important not to blindly interrupt the treatment because of the so-called improvement that is not identified for a moment. Furthermore, the doctor reminded that because the lecithin corpuscle in the prostatic fluid has nutritional and protective effects on sperm, if this index does not reach the average level, it will have a particular impact on "human creation."

However, for patients with chronic prostatitis whose symptoms are not particularly serious but the onset time is relatively long and who take many antibiotics and other drugs, if obvious symptoms "improve," they can also consider appropriate drug withdrawal observation. However, how long to stop and how to cooperate with other recuperations must be under the guidance of specialists and make individualized plans according to individual conditions. Decisions should not be made without authorization so as not to delay treatment and aggravate the disease.

3. Stay up too late and eat spicy food

In summer, some patients with prostatitis have a better life because of the relief of symptoms. Still, if they ignore maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle, it may be counterproductive. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, chronic prostatitis belongs to damp-heat syndrome. Many people think that it is fantastic to eat more ice cream, ice beer, and other cold drinks to cool down in hot summer. However, these cold drinks contain more sugar, high heat, cold and hot intersection, aggravating the accumulation of dampness and heat in the body. Therefore, it is unfavorable to alleviate the disease.

In short, patients with prostatitis must first determine the cause of the disease and then take active treatment. Antibiotics are effective for bacterial prostatitis. However, for chronic prostatitis, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine may be more effective than antibiotics, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The natural ingredients in this pill can penetrate the prostate membrane to eliminate the symptoms and cause to reduce the possibility of recurrence.

In addition to drug treatment, take some daily nursing methods to control the disease. For example, don't be greedy for cold drinks, especially in summer. Try to avoid staying up late, eating less spicy food, sedentary and overworked. Maintain adequate sleep. At the same time, men should also avoid holding urine and have sex moderately and regularly according to their physical conditions to keep the prostate gland tube unobstructed and excrete damp, heat, and turbid Qi in the prostate, which is conducive to early recovery.

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