Among the most popular beaches in Phuket, Patong's 3-km strip of golden sand is one. It has ample of parasailing and jetski operators. Not only that, but there are boat drivers, beach vendors and masseuses approaching travellers who are seen to relax on the sand. The Patong Beach has a chain of coconut, palm and tropical almond trees separating the shore from the main road. This slightly cooler area is wizened with stalls selling snacks and drinks stalls, as well as beach massage parlours. You can also unearth beachfront restaurants and bars contributing simple Thai and international dishes.
The extreme northern part of Patong Beach in Phuket hides a small sandy creek where its water is very shallow and apparent during high season. The southern part is the mouth of a river, where several fishing boats anchor. On the other side of the bridge there is a small fishing village. The water at the southern end is not always as clear as in the north, because below a large bridge, a river flows into the sea. There is surprisingly old-fashioned village of fishermen under the bridge where most long tail boats are parked when not in use. Since it is trouble-free to use, it may worth a photo.
The most excellent time to visit Patong Beach in Phuket is between November and April (during the northeast monsoon) when the sea is very smooth and calm. From the month of May to October, the beach experiences large waves and dangerous swells. While you can go in the water on some days, you are required to pay severe attention to the red flags when they're out on the sand.
The beach of Patong is the true heart of Phuket, and what makes it so gorgeous to many, is often what other people hate most about it. Patong is big, intrepid, crowded, bright and loud. And yet a huge number of people assemble here every year like the flies on honey. The inventive success and popularity of Patong beach mostly rotate around two things: a far-fetched beach and a renowned wild nightlife. Just you can walk up and down the Bangla Walking Street at night, and you will be able to understand right away why it is so accepted and admired. Many people are there: guys, girls, couples and even families with kids.
The beach of Patong in Phuket has rooftop bars, beach clubs, world-class nightclubs and excellent Night Clubs. For most of the people, it’s a once in a lifetime party experience (once a year for some). For other people, it’s mostly a curiosity to tick-off their ‘must-do’ list, and talk about once back home. Just you need to gaze at the crowd staring at the participants dancing on a street stage in a very tiny outfit, and you’ll get the picture, literally. You will be left awestruck. The beach is 3 kilometres long and often crammed full in the middle part during high season. The water is also bluer during high seasons, and there are plenty of palm trees under which you can sit and relax.

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