MERN Stack is JavaScript Stack that is used for development process. MERN Stack provides a platform to the performance and agility to take the business forward. MERN Stack is combination of technologies that is used for creating a web application.

MERN Stack is very popular programming for developing the web apps and mobiles apps. MERN Stack is the collection of JavaScript technologies for developing the web applications. MERN Stack k is the Full stack developer for users, clients and database. This set of frameworks and tools are very specifically chosen to work together in creating a well-functioning software.

MERN Stack consists of 4 components as:

1. MongoDB: MongoDB is an open source database. It is a JSON based query language. MongoDB is the NoSQL document database. MongoDB is known as flexible and easy to scale the data. Mongo Db helps to provide the information very easy between server and clients. It is more productive and responsive. The data structure is to be changed over time.

2. Express: Express is a fast and minimalist framework in Node.js. Express framework is simplifying the task of writing the code. The Express framework is to build the robust web applications and API’s. It is known for fast and secured structure. Express is equipped to multiple robust features. The developers use the Express for writing the servers code and built their tasks.

3.React: React is created by Facebook. React is an open source java script library. React is used in JavaScript for building user interfaces. React is not a framework, it is a library. The React help to run the same code on both server and browser. React is the only feature component that makes MERN Stack different from Mean Stack.

4. js: Node.js helps the JavaScript to encrypt in server. The Node.js is created by Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. The Node.js helps to run the JavaScript programs. Node.js is built the scalable network applications. Node.js is a back- end runtime environment. It is a server side platform. It can code JavaScript outside of the browser too.

These components help to provide the end to end framework support for developers. These tools required to build JavaScript.

Benefits of MERN Stack:

  • Main benefit is to line of code is written in JavaScript
  • Help to cover the web development cycle from front end to back end development by JavaScript
  • It is used in both client side code and server side code
  • It supports the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture for making development process easy and efficient
  • It is an open source framework and support by the community
  • The developers only need JavaScript and JSON language
  • The MERN Stack is used to build highly efficient and effective web applications

MERN Stack is becoming popular and it is a powerful stack amongst developers as compared to Java.

MERN stack Online Course is based on practical and real life project based training. MERN stack is help to developing the web apps as well as mobile apps. The MERN Stack training is job oriented training. The main objective of this online MERN stack certification course is able to work on both front end and back technologies with using the one language i.e. JavaScript. These Online MERN stack course is designed for technical as well as Non- technical background. MERN Stack Online course is many times faster than the traditional programming languages like Php, ASP, .NET, etc. The MERN stack online course are both high performance and high quality.

After completing the online course, you can get the job opportunities in different fields like Web developer, MERN Stack Developer, Frond End Developer, UI Designer, UI Developer, Lead Software Engineer etc.

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