Achieving a manageable weight is everyone’s wish with a weight problem. The question here is: "Why can some do it and others not? One answer: Some are positive thinkers, and some are not!

It is a matter of organizing your mind to organize your weight and health. Of course, there are other things in play to ward off the severe - and often life-long - weight conditions that some people face.

Reality check: Should we only blame our body for being overweight or should sluggish metabolism be the blame as well? Then, why is it that some people can eat nonstop without gaining weight while others only need to look at a piece of cake to gain kilos or pounds?

One tool doesn't fit all!

What this means: Not even the best weight loss program will work for everyone.

Genetics can play a role on the effect on metabolisms at the rate which bodies burn calories. This can also be influenced by age, sex, height and weight. Tests have shown that male metabolisms burn more calories a day than females.

If weight has been an issue for some time, there is most likely a health issue as well. Those two together is like fitting fingers into a glove. Diet is the primary tool for optimizing weight and health. This is becoming more and more recognized as the only weight and health solution.

Just keep it simple!

There are no special tricks or trends to lose weight. It depends on what you eat and how much of it. Put less on your plate. Choose food low in calories. You could consume smaller meals throughout the day and don't let yourself get hungry. Reduce your meal sizes slowly to give your stomach time to adjust. To cut your food intake too much in a short time and at the end your diet plan will fail. With this approach your metabolism is constantly working in braking down calories and takes care of fat loss over time. The metabolism myth: To increase your metabolism is not a short cut to weight loss; this could have a reverse effect such as increased heart rate.

Select the right food!

Deciding on your meal size is most important. Select the food carefully you diet with. When you chose foods for your diet pay attention to macronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats. There are different types of carbohydrates and fats; some are good calories and some to stay away from.

Avoid the simple ones first like sugar, white bread, white rice, also anything that has artificial sweeteners like all sodas, energy soft drinks and other certain foods. It is a matter of changing your food around to replace them with brown carbohydrates like brown rice, whole grain bread, oats, sweet potato, etc., and also having some fruits every day (some fruits are sugary carbohydrates, but they have many nutritional benefits).
There is also good pro-biotic like in different formatted foods for good digestion that makes a healthy gut supporting immune health which is an advantage when trying to lose weight. Three quarters of the immune system lives in the gut and is balancing out the bad bacteria.

There is a balance approach to weight loss without going on to starvation. By just replacing some foods like white bread, sugars, sodas, combined with normal exercise like walking or swimming you will be shedding kilos and working towards a slimmer and healthier life.

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