Dubai is one of the fastest growing city globally and is renowned for the mesmerizing attractive tourist spots like Burj Khalifa, desert safari and Dubai frame which capture the most beautiful landscape of the city. You definitely cannot ignore the beauty of the city for which people would lure to visit the city at least once in the lifetime. The cost of living in the city is sky riding and it is quite a difficult task for a commoner to ensure a stress free life.

The medical services in Dubai are excellent but the cost of the services might be very expensive. If you talk about the cosmetic services, they are widely available but with the same issue that they are very expensive even at the mediocre clinics. Like other western world countries, the hair loss sufferers have found a way out to travel to affordable destinations that are offering the world class services of hair transplant. India is definitely the place to go for hair transplant tourism as the there are certain well known worldwide recognized hair transplant surgeons practicing in the country.

Hair transplant in Dubai has huge demand but the hair transplant cost in Dubai is the limiting factor for the people to choose the destination for the hair transplant tourism. People prefer India usually for the hair transplant tourism not only because of the affordable cost of the procedure but also because of the high end hair transplant services offered by few of the hair transplant clinics across the nation.

From over a decade, Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur are been offering the world class services and providing the exceptional outcomes at an affordable cost. We are the leaders or the pioneers in the field of hair transplant offering the international levels of services with the incredible results. Talking about Dr Suneet Soni, he definitely does not need any introduction as his excellence speaks in his work and results. He is among the most talked hair transplant surgeons globally well known for his unsurpassed surgical skills and extraordinary gift of artistic sensibility.

From all parts of the world hair loss sufferers are visiting India for the hair transplant tourism along with the residents of Dubai. Let’s know what are the possible reasons for the lure towards India for hair transplant tourism.

1. Highly qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeons: It is definite that you could find highly qualified hair transplant surgeons all across the globe but experience of the highly qualified surgeons should also be accounted and in experience few of the hair transplant surgeon in India beats the global surgeons. The huge population, higher prevalence of the hair loss and huge patient footfall from the foreign land contributes to the huge experience of the hair transplant surgeons in India.

2. Exceptional skills:The skills of the Indian hair transplant surgeons are admired worldwide. Indians are especially known for their artistic hands and vision which is also considered as essential requirement of a successful hair transplant surgeon along with the excellent surgical skills. By birth, few of the hair transplant surgeons are gifted with the artistic sensibility that has made those Indian surgeons unique and exceptional.

3. Excellent infrastructure of the clinics:The western clinics maintain strict protocols for the excellent outcomes and a safe hair transplant. But the services are available at a higher cost. Now the good news few of the Indian clinics are providing the extraordinary services equivalent to those of the international clinics at an affordable cost. Few of the clinics offer the hair transplant using the cutting edge technology and advanced techniques to perform the hair transplant. The strict hygiene protocols and safety standards are been followed for a safe hair transplant. So choosing the reputed hair transplant clinics in India is definitely a win win situation for the hair loss sufferers as they can receive an incredible and safe hair transplant at an affordable cost.

4. Affordable cost:Coming to cost if you search online you can easily figure out the difference of cost of the hair transplant in India and in other western world countries and Dubai. The cost at these places are very high probably 5 – 6 times more than the cost in India. The reputed hair transplant clinics in India are providing the equivalent level of services at an affordable cost which makes it even more luring to pay a visit to India for hair transplant tourism.

5. Art of providing comfort:India has largely been known for its exceptional talent and compassion to welcome their guests and provide them extreme comfort. This mantra has been followed by the reputed hair transplant clinics to for the global hair loss sufferers to feel like home when they visit India for hair transplant tourism.

So if you are looking for an added comfort too with an incredible hair transplant then there is no better place than India for hair transplant. In India, Medispa hair transplant clinic can be trusted for an incredible and mesmerizing experience that you can cherish for life time.

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Smeeth John is an expert author for medical content, giving contributions to the Medispa hair transplant centre as a hair transplant consultant and having more than a decade experience in writing content to different fields as a part of their passion for building an in-depth knowledge about the hair transplant