Small business owners and Facebook ads should go hand in hand.
By being active on social regularly, especially Facebook, you are engaging your existing network. Once
you engage your existing friend circle and clients, you would want to reach out to new people who may
want to know your products or services. In such cases, it is essential to consider Facebook ads.
Just sharing some statistics below to give you an idea of

how impactful a Facebook ad can be.
1. 68% of all adults in the United States use Facebook
2. 76% of Facebook users visit the platform each day
3. The average user spends about 50 minutes each day on Facebook’s channels
4. Of all the time spent on mobile devices, 19% of it is spent on Facebook
5. 42% of millennials can’t go 5 hours without checking Facebook
6. As of May 2017, 18 million local business pages have been created
7. 62% of marketers find Facebook to be their most important social media channel
8. 62% of marketers find Facebook to be their most important social media channel
As you can see with its massive user base, Facebook is a compelling advertising platform that helps by
giving many options and variance of the way that you can advertise to your audience. Facebook ads
options are different kinds of display advertising, advertising content in the news feeds on the user’s
screen, using the carousel to advertise, canvas ads search ads, etc. I am tempted to dive deep into
Facebook ads, but the Facebook ad is a broad topic and has
a lot to cover.
My only request is don’t just randomly spend on ads, as you may not be able to get the best impact out of
it. What I meant by random is I have seen a lot of small business owners just putting in some amount for
Facebook ads and boosting the ads literally all over the place.

Just to give an example, if you are based out of Irving in Dallas, and your business typically caters to
clients who are in 5 Mile radius or Irving Dallas, it is a blunder if you spend on ads for the whole of Dallas
or for that matter whole of Texas. Because people who have seen the advertisement in Austin Texas
which is almost a hundred miles away from Dallas may not travel to buy your product or services.

As small business owners, it becomes essential to make out exactly where you want to show your ad and
kind of demographic, the kind of people, the kind of persona that you want to show rather than showing it
to anyone and everyone.
Did you know that Facebook allows you to target the ads towards people was specific niche, interest,
specific Geographic, search result, devices that they use, the financial background that they have, and
education qualifications that they have? By using professional help, small business owners can use this
to their advantage since they know the person or the kind of customer that they are serving. This kind of
targeting really helps to get the better conversion and better leads for the amount of money that you are
If you are planning to spend on ads, I would suggest you read a lot more on ads and the other alternative
ways to use the right kind of product to Boost Your Ads.
Amplispot helps you do that.
When you are designing a Facebook ad, you should plan for maximizing the user engagement.
Facebook ad user engagement depends on a lot of factors.
How attractive the creative is (The more attractive it is more people engage with it)
The ratio of text to imagery

The colours used
The accompanying status message and Hash Tags
And many more. These factors have to be designed and managed by professionals who will help you get
the maximum impact out of your ad spend alternatively you can deep dive and become an expert in
Facebook ads (I would instead suggest you focus on your business and leave this to experts).
One other important step is measuring the impact which many business owners miss.
Business owners depend on their intuition whether the ads are working or not, but did you know the
Facebook ad impact the following manner also.
Your existing customer may see your post and refer their friend to you, which you may not be aware of.
Your prospects may happen to look at your ads and may go ahead with closing the lead with you.
New people may look at the ads multiple times and then connect with you through yelp or other platform
or maybe even direct calls.
All these impacts can be measured if you religiously track your customer engagements and track how
each lead has come in. You can also talk to your existing customers if they have seen your Facebook
presence or content you have shared. These estimates will help you analyze the impact Facebook ads
are bringing about. All these metrics will help you fine-tune your future ad campaigns and you will get
much better returns on the added amount on Facebook ads

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