While taking driving lessons, the trainees are often left confused about whether to opt for automated transmission or the manual one. Now the fact is that, both have their unique advantages and it is up to every individual to opt for the transmission of his or her choice while taking the lessons.

However, according to one school of thought, individuals who learn on manual transmission get a trifle edge over the ones who learn driving on automatic transmission at any driving school in Airport West or in any other location.  There are certain reasons behind that.

It helps you keep dangerous driving habits at bay

Driving a car with automated transmission is always easier than driving the ones with the manual variety. The reason being, when you drive an automated car, you do not have to deal with the clutch and fiddle with the gear stick as these vehicles are designed to change gear automatically. Thus, you get ample time to try out things that you are NOT supposed to.

On the other hand, when you learn in a car with manual transmission, it will keep you engaged in things like changing the gear every now and then with the change of speed, dealing with the clutch and the likes.

Naturally, you do not get the scope to do things like talking over the phone, turning back to talk to your passengers, changing the stations of your car radio, fiddling with the remote of your car radio and the likes. From that point of view, it is much safer to learn driving on manual transmission, when you enroll in a driving school in Attwood as in any other place. 

It is easier to have cars with manual transmission abroad

This is one very practical reason why you should train in cars with manual transmission. If and when you visit any overseas country, you will find vehicles with manual transmission to be more common than those with automatic transmission. For instance, in most of the European countries as well as in Asia, cars with manual transmission are more common. Thus, if you are trained in manual transmission, it gives you an edge, for obvious reasons.

Manual Transmission imparts a sense of confidence

Taking lessons in manual transmission vehicles at a driving school in Broadmeadows will help you to be more confident while taking the driving test. It will help you learn the technicalities of driving and the finer ways of negotiating heavy traffic. This, at the end of the day, makes you more confident and helps you master the driving skills pretty quickly. And more importantly, it will help you to crack the driving test at one go.

Therefore you see, it is always advantageous to learn driving in manual transmission rather than opting for automated transmission, although it is a bit easier to learn driving on the later variety. But still, when it comes to taking lessons in a driving school in Brunswick or elsewhere, we would prefer leaving it to the trainee when it comes to selecting between automated and manual transmission.

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The author runs a driving school having units in Airport West, Attwood, Broadmeadows, Brunswick. The author is also an avid blogger.