An adequately sanded floor will always add a new life to a home and will upgrade its aesthetic aspect by quite a few notches. Well, just the opposite happens when the floors are not properly sanded.

That is when a string of problems would shape up. That is the reason when it comes to floor sanding people need to opt for reputed companies that are well experienced and have a healthy reputation in the market.

However, at times, people become a bit reluctant and end up putting their stakes on less reputed and less experienced specialists. It is not that all of them will make a mess of the task and this page is not to demean them in any way.

However, at times they do end up committing some disastrous mistakes largely due to inexperience. And when that happens, these errors become reasons enough for the floor to go for a toss very quickly. What are the mistakes that these less reputed companies would commit while sanding floors in Perth? Let us see.

They use the improper grit sandpaper

Well, this is by far the most common and the biggest error that these companies would commit. The grade of grit paper that the specialists should start with while sanding entirely depends upon the type of the floorboards.

If they have received sanding previously, then they would need just a minor refresh. A finer paper will do. However, in the majority of cases, it is ideal to start with a coarser variety. Here these companies make a mistake.

Again, if they are sanding the floor for the first time, then a grade 24 grit paper will be the most appropriate one. This is because they are extremely course and are fittest to serve the purpose. Again, opting for a wrong variety - may be a finer one will be a mistake. But that is what these companies would do at times.

Not Enough Sanding...

Again, this is another pit hole that an inexperienced company fall into. The experts will be able to gauge the extent of sanding it needs by taking a hard look at the condition of the floor. Any miscalculation in this aspect, will leave loose grains and pulps here and there, along with undulation and roughness on the floor.

While sanding floors, the element of illusion takes the better of the specialists at times - if they are not experienced. The very elusive sight of a floor polished and finished well enough may tempt the inexperienced specialists to stop.

But for a seasoned bloke, it will not make any difference. The bloke will continue, till the desired fineness is actually attained. So that is the difference that experience makes.

Not Sanding Diagonally

This is another blunder that some relatively less experienced experts would end up committing. Not sanding the floor diagonally will only make the process lengthy and it will not provide the best results.

The reason being, when the floor is not sanded diagonally, you will not be able to reach the dead corners. Thus following a diagonal sanding pattern and using the right tools to reach out to the dead ends and edges is the right procedure. The relatively inexperienced companies offering floor sanding in Perth do not follow this procedure. This is when the trouble erupts.

Some other mistakes that these companies make include not following the right procedure of sanding the edges, and not changing the sandpapers frequently enough.

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The author owns a company that has been providing floor sanding services in Perth for years. The author is also a regular blogger.