Most people think that drinking soda is harmless flavored water with a few bubbles that all the family will drink and quenches their thirst; making it an easy palatable method for drinking water.

Think Again! Soda happens to be the worst consumable drink on the market for your bodies in terms of nutritious health.

You may think the soda pop quenches your thirst, but in fact it runs directly to your bladder and is disposed of immediately. Why? The drink is pumped with carbon dioxide, in order to create the fizz and our body does not want it. Remember that we breathe out carbon dioxide, so why should we want it in our drinks?

This is even not the worst news! The really bad news is that the other two ingredients are extremely addictive substances and therefore very difficult to stop our body from craving for them. We have created a dependency on caffeine and sugar, which are very difficult to stop the dependency.

Sugar is cheap to buy and is in pretty much everything that we eat and drink, unless it has the words "natural" are on the label. It is one of most difficult habits to quit, because it is there is too much of it everywhere.

Sugar also does not help people that are trying to lose weight as there is no nutritious content to the drink and it is wasted in a drink, when you should be drinking plain filtered tap water. Even alternatives to sugar are questionable because of their synthetic content, which may have carcinogenic properties that could lead to cancer of the stomach or bowel.

The other dangerous content of soda is caffeine, because it gives you a false sense of alertness, or a false boost of energy. Many children survive on this 'quick fix', losing valuable sleep that will most certainly affect their education by keeping them up late at night and then becoming sleepy at school.

This false sense of alertness or burst of energy is an unnatural chemical that is substituting the adrenaline used by your body in times of emotional need. Your body becomes totally confused now with what is normal and what is abnormal emotions, so that the caffeine takes over from your body's natural defense and you become unnaturally dependent on the caffeine instead.

The fizz or carbonation of the ingredients is really carbon dioxide pumped into the sugary water. Your body expels carbon dioxide when you exhale, so any other carbonation process will immediately expel the water from your body.

This is not the type of water your body needs for body to hydrate It may temporarily quench your thirst, but your body needs natural neutral water. It is always better to offer your family cold tap water, as the chlorine settles out of the water when it is cold and not pay for bottled water which is a waste of money and will not help your body.

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The author Gail McGonigal is trained Occupational Therapy and now has a website called Active Living Solutions Ltd. Her master's degree in Health Promotion, along with her knowledge in Occupational Therapy aims to show Baby Boomers how to heal their aches and pains through proper sitting on an ergonomic chair. Gail has herself suffered with spinal pains and has cured her own scoliosis in her spine through her ergonomic sitting on a bicycle. Gail now has an Active Living Solutions Plan, which is free with each ergonomic chair that will help customers live actively and pain-free in life, plus provide safe and supportive solutions for Baby Boomers. She will show you how to live a comfortable and pain-free quality of life that will help you remove excess pounds and enjoy a more active existence while using one of her ergonomic chairs. Gail sells all types of chairs, but specializes in those customers who have discomforts in prolonged sitting. Her expertise is to help the Big & Tall customers be comfortable in their chairs. Gail now has a blog where she will discuss the different chairs for your benefit.