Sandra Boynton, a famous American humorist once said, Research tells us fourteen out of any ten individuals likes chocolate. You can laugh on that, but it’s true!
When in doubt about what to gift and how to gift, come to Flower n Ferns and click on chocolates! The exquisite chocolates melt in your mouth and melt your heart. For ages, chocolates have been the safest bet when gifting anyone. Even today, on any occasion, be it anniversary, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, mother’s day; you name it and always chocolates are on top of gifting lists! Chocolates are enjoyed by people, young or old. Even researchers claim chocolates are great stress busters. When you are sad and you take a bite of chocolate, your worries disappear. They are great aphrodisiac too, so no wonder it’s the lovers’ first choice for gifts.
Add a little color to the gift and also send a special flower bouquet. Also you get chocolate cakes. All you have to do is check out the website of Flower n Ferns ( , and tell us where to deliver your gifts. Rest will be taken care of in the most grand manner. The best services, best quality, in part of India, any time! Send flowers to Delhi , Bombay, Gujarat or any place anywhere anytime.
Guess what is better than one chocolate? A basket full of chocolates! Flower n ferns makes special gift baskets of chocolates for you. A decadent medley of treats beautifully presented in a nice basket that includes an assortment of various chocolates of your choice. You can get exquisite chocolates like Ferrero Rocher here.
Chocolates are great anti depressants, they DO NOT make you fat, they make your skin glow, they make you happy…. Wow! What more do you want.
Always see whether you are eating the Best Chocolate. A good chocolate
• To see it, the chocolate should be glossy and unblemished.
• To touch it, good chocolate should “snap” cleanly when you break it, not crumble or bend.
• To smell it, fresh chocolate should smell chocolaty.
What should you drink while eating chocolate? In The Cook’s Guide to Chocolate, authors Christine McFadden and Christine France suggest coffee, cognac, whisky or bourbon when eating chocolate after a meal. “Professional chocolate tasters swear by a glass of cold, fresh water,” they conclude, “as it not only quenches the thirst but also cleanses the palate.”
For special occasions, you can opt for hampers with flowers and teddy bears (yes, I can see that giggle on reading teddy bear, but trust me, girls and kids love teddies!) with chocolates as gifts. Then there are combos for you to choose from too! We will most happy to help you make someone special happy! We spread smiles, and chocolates!
And before I sign off, I would like to quote James Wadworth
'Twill make old women young and fresh,
Create new motions of the flesh.
And cause them long for you know what,
If they but taste of chocolate.

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