• Air Indian Flight 183 Bombing on the Montreal — London — New Delhi route: June 23, 1985
  • Lockerbie Bombing of the Pan Am Flight Frankfurt — Detroit — London — New York: December 21, 1988
  • Hijacking of Air France Airbus A300 by Algerian terrorists: December 24, 1994
  • And the WTC & Pentagon Attacks: September 11, 2001

These are only 4 of innumerable instances when innocent air passengers have fallen prey to acts of terrors! This perhaps tells you why is airport security so important! And it’s not terrorist attacks, and acts of hijacking that have to be nabbed. There are other threat perceptions as well. The world order is changing very rapidly with time, and so are the threat perceptions. Thus, under the present context, it has become all the more important for airports all around the world to tighten their security noose. And Canada is no exception, With the Toronto Airport being one of the busiest and the most important ones, the airport security services in Toronto airport have to be at their best. Since the airport is a gateway to all major cities around the world, and with thousands of flights being operated to every corner of the globe, it is a very lucrative target of the perpetrators, but for a reliable enough security service.

Here we discuss why airport security has become so important of late….

To Protect against Acts of Terrorism & Hijacking

A credible airport security in any part of the world, carried out by seasoned and skilled security personnel with the help of the state of the art tools and gadgets goes a long way, in thwarting the attempts of terrorist activities and acts of hijacking. Besides, it also imparts a sense of confidence in the psyche of the fliers, helping them to be at peace of mind, as they travel.

To Stop Trafficking of Narcotics

Airports around the world are soft targets of drugs and narcotics traffickers. These antisocial elements are getting increasingly smarter and are adopting innovative ways to fix the security officers and infrastructures to sneak drugs and related stuff aboard the aircraft to have them transported to their intended destinations. Businesses worth billions are involved in drug trafficking. Thus, it is the very duty of the airport security specialists in Toronto as in anywhere else tab these elements bust these rackets.

To Fight Smuggling

Just like drug trafficking, the smuggling of gold and various other valuables has always been a pain area for airport authorities around the world. Valuable products that include gold, diamond, and other valuable gems, and even radioactive materials, isotopes, and other chemicals, which are used to make dirty bombs or in other words, clandestine nuclear devices are being smuggled from one part of the world to the other. These radioactive materials, upon reaching the custody of the terror outfits will have disastrous consequences on the world. In the wake of all these, the onus lies on a professional airport service provider in Toronto, like anywhere else to look into this and nip any attempt to smuggle these kinds of stuff at the very bud.

Thus you see, these are the three main threat perceptions in an airport that have to be addressed in a very effective and professional manner. Only a quality airport security service provider can do so.

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