When it comes to mobile apps, app developers India have found out two major things that make an app successful. The first is user experience. Apart from user experience, another feature that makes an app successful is the usefulness of the app. One of the best app developers India said if your app is very useful and has a few or no alternative, users will continue to use it no matter its drawbacks.

The best kind of apps are the ones the supplies regular information that users need. App developers India have realized that these kind of apps require web scrapers that will scrape information from different sites and then update the app with the information.

The demand for data and information will continue to increase as forecasted by app developers India. This is why informative apps will always be successful. Here are some categories of informative apps developed by app developers India.

1. Price comparison apps

No matter what your business is, you are either selling services or products. Since competitive price is the biggest tool for attracting customers, you can only attract customers with competitive prices. So, every business needs price comparison to determine the right prices for its products and services.

For instance, if you sell wines, you need to know how much your competitors sell each of the wines. It is then that you can offer competitive rates. So, you will need to partner with app developers India for a price comparison app. It can be customized for you or you can configure the general one to suit your needs.

2. Travel aggregator apps

Most travellers make use of travel aggregators to determine the best deals in air travel and accommodation. Instead of having to check multiple websites of different airlines, you can do it all on one page with a travel aggregator. Travel-related articles, products, and services are the hottest in Asia and several other parts of the world right now. So travel aggregator apps will be embraced.

This is because a lot of people want to enjoy premium travel-related products and services at the lowest possible costs so they are always in search of the best deals. This app will give them all the information they need. With this app, they don’t have go through hours of online research.

3. Market research apps

There is no business that does not require a market research. Proposed businesses require market research and so do existing businesses. Even the market leaders need constant market research to avoid being sidelined by competitors. Some apps are great for market research. They already have the required data.

So, instead of dissipating resources into researches, you only need to make use of these apps and you will get all you need. For instance, if you intend to create a product that will be useful for restaurants, you may want to know the number of restaurants in your city. Some of this app will give you the required figures.

4. Job apps

While job boards are very useful to job seekers, they are also helpful for recruiting agencies. They make it easy for employers to find qualified applicants easily. There are several job apps that people can download. They can now set the app to notify them whenever there is a job post for a particular profession. For example, if you are a law graduate, you may set the app to notify you whenever there is a job post for lawyers.

5. Prediction of fashion trends

Fashion is not static. It revolves and evolves. So, people have to keep track of trending fashion styles. This is easier done with this app. The app updates users on the new fashion trends. The app also tells users if a particular combination is acceptable or not.

6. News aggregator apps

If you want to remain up-to-date on different topics like sports, politics, government…etc, you need news aggregators. If you are a sport enthusiast, you can set this app to give you news about a particular sport. The app will receive all kinds of news from different news platforms and filter out the ones on sports for you.

7. Apps for comparison of stock values

Investors need this product to keep track of the values of their stock. Fortunately, several apps have been developed for the purpose but all of them still require web scraping to function properly. If you are an investor, instead of checking several websites, once you download an app for comparison of stock values, you will be updated regularly. You could even filter out the ones you are interested in.

8. Monitoring the prices of properties and their locality

This app is for people in the real estate industry. New properties are put up for sale everyday and the prices of existing properties change often. So, it is important to monitor the prices of properties to be aware of great deals. This product also helps home sellers too. With this product, they get to see the cost of similar properties. This helps them set competitive prices.

9. Provision of competitive intelligence

Some companies provide competitive intelligence to their clients by analyzing the data extracted from competitor sites, comparison sites, and other sites. Of course, companies that offer such services will find this category of apps indispensable.

10. Gathering of customer reviews and feedback

Every business requires regular feedback from customers and so, they need to extract data from customer review platforms regularly to see customers’ views about certain products and services. There are apps that do the work. You only need to select the product or enter its name and the brand and you will get to see all the reviews on that product.

Apart from the few uses of informational apps outlined above, there are other uses in different industries like shipping, government, logistics, legal, and healthcare among others.

Conclusively, there is vast amount of useful information but scattered in too many web pages. You can only make use of them by extracting data. Extracted data can then be analyzed and sent into different mobile apps. Just think of a field or sector that requires regular information update and build an app to bridge such needs and you won’t go wrong.

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