PPC ads are the bread and butter of most marketing campaigns. They are a seemingly uncomplicated way of generating traffic to your website. Basically, you pay the search engine, which in most cases is Google, for each click recorded on your ad. Now while the process might seem simple enough, and the ads minimalistic, PPC can also be a notoriously expensive process. To create a PPC ad and its associated pages, one needs at least three components:

a. Copywriter/Content Writer
b. PPC specialist
c. Graphic Designer

All are specialized fields, and none come cheap. A compromise in the quality of any of the three can lead to a failure in conversions. And remember, a click does not necessarily mean a conversion. So your conversion has to be healthy to offset the costs you are paying per click. So what does one do? Small and medium enterprises, especially startups, are after all heavily dependent on services like PPC. Perhaps the answer lies in outsourcing. And when you outsource PPC services, India should be the first preference, for reasons which we shall uncover in a moment.

Why India - What you already know
I won’t go into the benefits of offshore outsourcing. The reasons are well documented and pretty much everyone knows about them now. Today the question is not why but where to outsource. My preference for a PPC agency in India is based on certain innate knowledge of the terrain. There are plenty of positives that you already know about.

1. You can reduce your costs by as much as 75 percent- thus affording three people for the price of one locally. This means your entire PPC team of a copywriter, PPC specialist and designer comes for the price of just one of these resources!

2. Indians are creative by nature and copy/content and web designing comes naturally to them. Remember it’s not just the 30-word ad copy that you have to worry about; it’s also the landing page. Many online businesses do not bother to create separate landing pages for their PPC ads and end up losing customers by directing them to their Home Page, which might be insufficient for a customer with specific requirements. A dedicated PPC page helps keep the content focused and sales oriented.

3. The time difference means that if you outsource PPC services to India, your remote staff, sitting in a PPC outsourcing company in India will usher in a 24/7 work culture for your organization. This quickens the pace of the work.
Apart from these, there is a hidden gem that most of you don’t know about.

What you didn’t know - The English connection
Despite being a country with almost zero native English speakers, India practically runs on English. From education to business to governance- the English language is omnipresent everywhere. Reason? There are around 1600 languages and dialects in India. And there is no agreed-upon acceptance for a single Indian language as a common language. Try printing a government circular without a common language, you’ll end up with a 1600 page book! While the government has denoted 22 odd languages as official languages, usage of all the languages nationally is impractical. The solution - English, which has had legal and social acceptance ever since the country was born. It’s also the language of business. Sample this – the country has close to a 100 English language TV channels consumed nationally. The country also has more than a 100 English language newspapers, including the Times of India, which is the most widely circulated English daily in the world, across all formats, ahead of even behemoths like Wall Street Journal and New York Times.
Now you might wonder what does this entail for PPC or any service being outsourced to India. This massive domestic set up means there is an already well-established machinery which caters to this enormous domestic demand for English language content. This huge domestic demand also means a glut of copywriters, SEO and PPC specialists, graphic designers etc. The talent pool at your disposal is ridiculously big. And the best part, it is extremely experienced.

Time to look to India
Hence, why I have chosen India when it comes to PPC outsourcing services. There are of course other markets and other outsourcing hubs. What makes India unique is its size and domestic consumption which gives birth to a very experienced and skilled workforce in any field. For any small and medium enterprise, for any and every start up, I have one simple solutions to bring down costs, increase the depth of you talent and escape unfriendly labor laws - Look towards India!

Author's Bio: 

John Tie is a professional writer, blogger who writes for a variety of online publications.