After writing the best seller, The Small Business Survival Guide – Insights into the First Two Years, I assessed peoples’ response to the book and its contents and timing. I recognized that many people were writing on the subject of entrepreneurship and small business challenges but they were mainly focused on textbook stuff. These included overwhelming concerns were about such things as financing, interest rates and the economy.

But small business survival and development are about the small business operators themselves!

These “people” problems and baggage that come with the small would be entrepreneurs are about them making the adjustment to new realities in many cases and the spherical influence they need to have is a far cry from the linear approach to just being say a “production manager” or a technical expert at some specific task. By spherical influence I mean the many things that have to be considered almost simultaneously, in seeking to balance the business’ needs.

For example, there is usually a strong urge to get more sales. But more sales mean more production. It may also need more warehousing space and more working capital. It might need more delivery services and personnel, and so on. So, when the big orders come, who will ask the right questions to ensure that everything adds up?

So, I am naturally aware of all these issues and also aware that persons tend to come and ask me for information and advice. This is a big clue. People reaching out suggest there is value to my knowledge, leadership and results. Hence the natural thing is to be helpful and to be organized about it.

Some supporting attributes that are useful are my general commitment to education and ongoing self-training and development and awareness. Indeed, as this comes so easily, I am at times baffled by the ease with which it happens with me and yet so many others struggle or show very little interest, always having an excuse.

But it is what makes us different and so being able to help those less inclined or less talented gives me satisfaction. Incorporating coaching into what makes me tick is gratifying and rewarding. Few people know the name of Tiger Wood’s coach but his work is well recognized. Similarly, I hope to have a say in some persons’ success, even if left out of the limelight.

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Alrick Robinson is the Best-Selling Author of The Small Business Survival Guide: Insights into the First Two Years & Business Coach. I invite you to download a free chapter and introduction to by book at You may also visit my blog at where I share small business resources and survival tips weekly.