Why do you need a website?

It's your online store
It’s 24 x 7
Your clients and prospects can find you at their leisure - you don't have to be troubled
It’s helps you promote your business
It’s helps you build credibility

Having a good website determines how your customers perceive, talk about you, interact and engage with you. It is a platform to invite prospects for engagement and to convince them to choose your brand over others. Having a website lets you showcase your services and provide details in the manner you want to portray your brand. A website can also offer help and support to visitor queries at any time and place. An attractive website adds to your reputation too.

Brand visibility is essential when you’re trying to acquire new customers. With digital marketing taking new leaps every day, it is vital to maintain improved presence to increase your brand visibility. The simplest way to do this in today’s times is to make a website for your business.

Ways to create your website : two main approaches:

Hiring professionals : To make a user-friendly and consumer savvy website, you can hire an experienced professional. Several professional website designers or web design and development agencies on the market can help you with this task.

DIY (Do it yourself) Website Design : You can use one of the many DIY website Design platforms available, like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix, to help you make a website. This will involve you making the entire thing by yourself and according to your own needs and wants.

After getting an idea about the methods of creating a website, the question that puts you in a dilemma is: Why hire a professional web design and development company when you can do it yourself? A valid question indeed, but we are here to help you overcome the dilemma of choosing between hiring a professional agency for your website or Do It Yourself (DIY). Each of these methods has its pros and cons, and we’re here to give you an unbiased perspective on both of these methods so that you can make a concrete decision while choosing between a professional agency or DIY.

Professionals Agencies vs. DIY website design

Decision making : DIY-ing your website is not always a very simple job. But you don’t have to pay anyone to do the work for you, and you save quite a bit of money that way. But the question is, are you tech-savvy? Do you understand the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of making a website and content placement?The answers are critical.

When you hire a professional or a design company, they make these decisions for you. They will have your best interest in mind while developing the website and consider all your requirements. Website development agencies also have prior experience in making websites and understand how to make your website user-friendly. This helps doesn't it?!

Time to invest in website design : If you consider just the monetary aspect, DIY sounds like an obvious choice for website design. But is that so? Besides planning and designing, you also have to invest time in two things: (A) Figuring out how each part of your website works and (B) Making sure your website is SEO-friendly.

Each step of making a website requires an investment of time and money that will divert your attention. Simply speaking, if you hire someone, they’ll do this part of the job for you while you’re free to see your business.

Less Stress : When you hire a professional agency to design your website, all you have to do is tell them your design and style requirements. They have experience and ideas in this area and can advise you on how to proceed. For example, if you make a WordPress website, you have to install and set-up a theme, customize it, add Captcha, check analytics, update onpage tags etc. If you assign someone the job, they take care of this for you.

Problem-solving with DIY need you all the time : If you’ve created your WordPress website and decide to add an extra function, you have to search for the right plug-in through a list of countless plug-ins. If it isn’t available, you might need to design or add the function yourself. If you hire an agency, they’ll do this efficiently and with expertise while you focus on your business. Ensure that you have signed up for a website amc maintenance plan.

The Quality difference : Platforms like WordPress or Wix are suitable if you’re a new business, but you might have to compromise a little on the features or the fancy stuff. There are functionalities that aren’t available on such platforms and that's fine if you are just starting off and having a fancy site does not matter. But, this isn't a good option if you’re an established business. Calling web design experts will give your business the website it needs for growth.

Smooth running : Hiring a professional will give you the support you need for building your website. This includes UI/UX support, SEO-friendliness, page speed, etc. You can design your website, but these technical tasks require an expert eye. Mobile-friendly websites are a must. Hiring a professional will help you in this aspect. In the long run, DIY-ing your website and compromising can become frustrating.

While making the final decision, do consider all your resources, finances, and circumstances.

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