The beam support which exists over a wall opening is what is known as a lintel. Its purpose is to bear the weight of the masonry stacked over it. Usually, these lintels lay over the doors and windows either like an I-shaped beam or steel angle iron. Now, since nothing remains permanent, it goes without saying that these lintels won’t either. Whether it’s because of age, a weep chord or for that matter substandard placement at the time of installation, lintels lose their vigour and rust-resistibility. For that reason, hiring lintel replacement experts in Perth does seem necessary.

What Involves In It?

A pretty obvious but important question! Lintel replacement primarily involves removing the existing bricks which situate over the lintel. The replacement ought to be properly galvanised to endure rust and other time-resulting problems.

Adequate flashing installation is also a necessity and should be done adequately. As the last step, the bricks are re-installed over the flashing with the use of weep holes. The reason for that is to let any existing moisture to escape.

Why Think of Specialised Lintel Replacements?

Taking into account the details stated afore, it is quite evident that this is a task which is not meant for the commoners. There are numerous aspects which are involved in this replacement task and safe to say, its best to always cater to whizzes who do this day in and day out.

lintel replacement

Reputable lintel and wall building companies in Fremantle, Perth devote ample time for inspection. They scan every aspect such –

  • Condition of the existing wall.
  • Checking the condition and size of the window and door.
  • Properly determine the material to use as they are crucial both aesthetically as well as structurally when blending the old with the new.

In terms of carrying out their lintel replacement operations, these specialists will make use of –

  • A-grade Australian standard hot-dip galvanised lintels which are durable and long-lasting. Those who have an imperious repute in the industry will never make use of electroplated or dymet lintels which are prone to issues after only months of installation.
  • These lintel replacement doyens will also fabricate and also shape lintels as per the demands of the project.
  • On top of that, they will also present an authentic engineer’s report (on request).

Along with all these aspects, these professionals also take into account the safety of flowerbeds, the driveway as well as well as all those areas which adjoin together. Their objective is to carry out immaculate work, and those are truly good will always upkeep this code.

Safe to say, these experts will also remove all the untidy work residues and leave the worksite nice and clean.


All these reasons make it pretty clear as to why one should think of specialists whenever they have any lintel replacement tasks. So look up online for those with grand reputes and years of experience under the collar. After finding one, have a word with one of their experts. They will definitely know the best option for your lintel repair/replacement!

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