There’s a reason why there are hundreds of commercial cleaning companies in Dubai. The services of these companies play an important role in keeping homes and offices spotless, presentable, and safe for the people who live and work there.

However, it’s a sad reality that many of these cleaning services don’t use eco-friendly products and give negligible importance to the environment while cleaning. This is especially visible in the products they use, as well as some of the techniques they follow while cleaning especially for kitchen exhaust cleaning, laundry duct cleaning, pipeline disinfection, UV light mattress cleaning services, and fabric sofa cleaning, which is harmful for the health.

So, is there any safer way to get a clean house? Yes, there is! The answer you are searching for lies in a green cleaning service. If you want to know more about this increasingly popular service, then you’re in the right place. Let’s get started!

What exactly is Green cleaning?

A eco friendly cleaning service prioritizes the use of clean and eco-friendly products. They use less water while cleaning and make sure the water doesn’t get polluted at any cost. Some commercial and home cleaning services still use harsh chemicals like bleach to clean the homes and offices, in turn decreasing the lifespan of the materials.

Sadly, these chemicals contain toxins and are harmful to humans as well as the environment. The pungent smell produced by the use of these chemicals affects both the respiratory systems when we inhale and the water supply as well when the garbage is dumped down the drain. Green cleaning service emphasizes the use of natural products that come with efficient cleaning benefits.

Why should you switch to a green cleaning service?

Hiring a green cleaning service for your home or office will lead you to leave fewer carbon footprints on this earth. Now, let’s have a look at all the benefits that green cleaning service has to offer-

- Safer Environment For Your Pets And Family: No matter what, it is imperative to disinfect your home after every two months. Unfortunately, disinfectants for UV light mattress cleaning and fabric sofa cleaning that deep cleaning companies use often contain chemicals that can give rise to allergies, breathing problems and other health issues in family members and your pets. Products that don’t contain any pollutants or toxins such as ammonia, chlorine, and perfumes can irritate the skin. The biggest advantage to hiring a green cleaner is that they use all-natural cleaning products that are biodegradable and renewable.

- Follow 3R’s: While it’s one thing to use green cleaning products to clean your home, many green cleaning services take it to another level by following the 3 R's to save the environment. They follow it by saving water, reusing bottles, reducing waste, and implementing other sustainable cleaning practices whenever possible.

- Safe for the cleaners: A green cleaning philosophy means that the cleaners do not get exposed to toxic chemicals, bleaches, chlorine, and pollutants that could affect their health negatively. This is one of the safest methods to use for the safety of the cleaners.

- Safer Surfaces: When it comes to dirt and stains, your carpets and floors bear the consequences of the damage. To intensely clean the surfaces, most cleaning services use the strongest solutions that leave behind chemical residues on the surface. If your kids or pets love rolling on the carpet, they get exposed to toxic chemical residues. A reputable green cleaning service uses organic cleaning solutions that leave your carpeted surfaces clean and fresh.

Health concerns are becoming more prevalent and people are becoming aware of the harmful side-effects of non-biodegradable cleaning products. Furthermore, hiring a green cleaning service is a great way to take care of your home and your family members.

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