Why Have A Psychic Reading?

In this world there are many mysteries that surround us and one day science will make the link to psychism and reveal the true nature of our essence including who and what we are. It is utterly frustrating to me as a writer and marketer that so little is both accepted and understood, people fear things they do not understand yet there are professional academics, reams of them, who have written extensively on the subject of mysticsm, yet we are only a few inches further towards acceptance.

We are currently within the age of the Aquarian and it is told that there are subtle influences taking place within the world where leaders and people of so called ‘power’ are being influenced towards a most spiritual and noble way of pushing through policies and indeed any of their actions. The materialistic world it seems is all that one now chases, it is a sorry state indeed that we have divorced ourselves from our spirit or soul, preferring instead to concentrate on satisfying very basic urges of both the flesh and of monetary gain.

After all the total sum of a life is not about the amount of cars and property one had obtained during a life’s journey, when you cease to live you wont even be able to take with you your physical shell, it is simply your character and consciousness that remain, and your fully glory is you, your essence and your soul. The essence call god, or the light or the one doesn’t care about your goods amassed, there is only interest in one’s spiritual growth for that is what we are on the earth plane for, and also to learn lessons and avoid repeating the same miskates time after time (of course some never do)

We will all survive the transition called death as we move back to spirit realms from which we came from, this is absolutely regardless of disbelief and our own belief system, the universal law applies to all!

Only those that have found their spiritual path, have done the research and know the facts will accept what I say. For others, and I am talking about the vast majority of people here, the best way by far to investigate the psychic or mystical realms is by having a psychic or medium reading.

Once you are on the receiving end of a true clairvoyant reading and you listen to that person explain exactly what you are thinking about without you even uttering a word, then your perception of life will undergo an undeniable cosmic shift. When they have explained in minute detail the very influences, people and issues surrounding you again without a word from you, then your view of the world will certainly alter and you will be on your way to the column of truth.

So I would strongly recommend that for your belief system to alter which is certainly the first step, that you try a psychic reading with a good and reputable psychic medium.

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Rachel writes for the metaphysical industry and is a reiki master, and spiritualist, all articles are unbiased and fact based. Recommended websites are:

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