Why Hasn't My Ex Tried To Contact Me: How To Get Your Ex To Talk To You First

The phone didn't ring. There are no messages, no tweets, no writings on walls, or texts to be found. You've asked your ex to contact you, you've waited so patiently, but still, silence is the only thing that's responded. It's not a loss yet, there are things you can do to get them to contact you - and that will leave them happy that they did.

Make It a Mystery

Curiosity may have killed a cat or two, but playing on people's natural curiosity is one of the easiest ways to get someone involved in anything. Try leaving a mysterious message with a point to contact you, please, because - did you say aliens did what to your what? The more ridiculous the better - they will contact you if not just to ask what the...?

Have a Sense of Humor

Have you tried making them laugh lately? It's amazing how a chuckle can relieve tension, and bring everyone to common ground. Make them laugh - even if it's at your own expense. You'll be the one smiling in the end when they contact you again.

Offer a Reward

Silly? Perhaps (see humor above). Bribery? Probably; but offer them a small reward for their call back - a cup of coffee or a soda - anything that will lighten the mood and break the silence in a fun and friendly way.

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Play the Fool

If you see them often, try wearing a jester cap (yes in public) whenever you are around them. Slip them a note saying you are a fool for them, and please just contact you so you can regain your dignity. If they live in a faraway place - send them pictures of you with the hat holding a sign with that message. It will be endearing, and sure to illicit their response.

Don't Give Up

Of course if your ex is angry and threatens a restraining order, then maybe you shouldn't listen to this point, but persistence is invaluable. It shows dedication, reliability, and diligence - all good admirable qualities which get 'em every time - at least, eventually!

Roses Are Always Nice

It doesn't have to be a dozen every time, but sending a single rose every day will sure to melt the coldest heart, or if not - they'll eventually contact you to try to get you to stop. Either way, it's a good way to break the silence, and bring out a few smiles here and there too.

Remember SASE?

Physical mail may seem archaic, but sending a self addressed stamped envelope along with an endearing little note or letter just may tip your ex into understanding your seriousness in wanting to communicate again. Besides, it's good to do - if only to make sure you still know how to use the real mail!

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So far, not a soul on earth has gotten so lucky not to experience separation from someone they loved. Some of us can cope with a break up easier than others, but how do they do it?

As hard as it may sound, smart people do not pity themselves, neither do they become obsessed with getting their exes back into their lives. They simply accept the course of events and move on with their lives.

But chances are that your ex may fall back in love with you and want you back just as much as you want him/her. This is a consequence of not becoming obsessed with your ex. Ignoring him/her would determine that person to search for answers regarding you and your cold blooded attitude.

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Try to keep your calm when it comes to waiting for your ex to show up back into your life. Just like you, your ex needs time to think it over and see things clearly. You may want to make a use of this whole waiting time. In order to get your ex back and not to make an obsession out of this thought, you must focus on anything that has nothing to do with your ex. Try new things, go out with your friends or get back to your lost hobbies.

Why is the obsessive thought of getting your ex back not good for you?

When you become obsessed with someone, you can no longer distinguish sense from sensibility. That leads to irreparable mistakes which estrange you from getting back together with your loved one.

Also, your obsession is never well understood, therefore it may deviate from love to selfishness and even madness. This puts heavy pressure on your ex and he/she will more likely feel the need to stay away from you, rather than stay next to you.

So why not get your ex back by getting away from him for a while?

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Breaking up just sucks, and part of that is having to deal with your ex ignoring you. It just feels weird to have someone you love suddenly ignoring you. It also feels weird to be calling and emailing and to be completely ignored. I mean, how can someone just completely forget about everything you shared? The fact is that they can't and there are a few reasons why your ex is ignoring you, and we will get to all that good stuff here. Here is how to get your ex to talk to you again...

Understand what they want - Believe it that when your ex says they want space, they sure do. The breakup is the last straw, and its the final measure and warning to you to get your act together. A lot of people actually just breakup to get space and give the other person time to get their life together. You need to understand that your ex wants space, and unless you can give this, they will definitely ignore you.

Get on with life - It really looks bad, and in fact looks pathetic, that you cannot do anything since the breakup. Your ex does not want to have to force you to get on with life, and doesn't want to have to be your babysitter either. What I mean by this, is simply that he/she will be really annoyed to see you calling always, emailing, and it's almost as if you have nothing better to do. This annoys the hell out of your ex, and makes you look really desperate. Your ex does not want someone who is easy, and by always concentrating on your ex, you make yourself look extremely easy.

The solution - As hard as this is to hear, the solution is simple: ignore your ex for at least two weeks! Of course it is not what you want to hear, and it's extremely hard to do, but unless you cut off contact, your ex will only continuously take you for granted. That is why it is critical for you to really follow through with this, otherwise you risk having your ex ignore you forevermore!

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Sometimes a break up feels horribly wrong. The only thing to do is not to let go of the person we love without a fight. So if you are in such a situation and want to get your ex back here are some of the things that you can do to set things right.

Don't contact him/her
Stop trying to fix things by trying to contact your ex; sending flowers, calling, emailing leaving numerous messages on his/her voice mail does nothing in your favor. It just makes your ex despise you even more for your pathetic display of emotion. Exercise restraint and stay away from your ex till he/she can talk to you peacefully.

Take time and identify the problem
Utilize this time that you are away from your ex constructively. Look within and dig out the cause of all the trouble. Learn to separate the action from the cause. So, if your ex complained of feeling isolated it was because of a communication breakdown. Identify the causes that led to that and you will have found your solution.

Get a solution
Be logical and rational and seek help if you need but don't contact your ex without identifying the problem and getting a solution. You can sometimes get a solution by simply being honest to yourself and sometimes it needs a professional to guide you to your answer.

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Don't try to make your ex jealous
This is not the time to try any stunts with your ex. You should know that during this time your ex might not be contacting you but is very closely monitoring all your moves. Look like you are flirting or moving on and the door will be shut on your face.

Retain contact with old common friends
Remain in touch with your common friends. This will establish two things - one that you are going to be friends irrespective of the break up and two you have not moved on. But don't try to talk to them about your break up and try to make them your mediators. Simply use these old friends to be your action carriers.

Talk about your feelings
Talk about how you feel about your ex to your common friends fondly and warmly. Make them see that you have changed but tell them that you can't get in touch with your ex because you are respecting his/her wishes. Your ex will definitely melt with this display of affection.

Don't get all desperate
When your ex comes to talk to you don't get all desperate and begin kissing the ground they walk on. Admit your mistake and work hard to make the relationship work.

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