Many of the accidents or harsh driving is caused by hard braking and acceleration. So, while driving there are several points that you have to keep in mind to stay safe. The knowledge of these is required because maybe you come across a speeding driver or the one who is going to pull the brakes hard. You need to protect yourself in these situations as well.

Hard Braking – How is it caused?

When a driver applies more force to the vehicle’s brakes than normal, it is called hard braking. If this is caused by the drivers of big trucks, it can be dangerous because they carry a bigger load and an accident can damage the loaded goods as well.

After pulling the brake as the driving school in Mount Waverley opines, a truck will continue to travel for a certain distance causing fatal crashes to the vehicles before it. However, there are certain instances where hard braking cannot be avoided, such as stopping the vehicle to prevent an accident or driving out of the way where an accident has occurred. But, drivers must be careful of pulling the brakes hardto stop short because they were not paying attention to the signal or the traffic that is in front of them. 

Hard braking is considered as aggressive driving, and it needs to be avoided at all costs.

Hard Acceleration – How is it caused?

This is the opposite of hard braking. When more force than normal is applied to the vehicle's accelerator, it is termed as hard acceleration.For instance, when a driver accelerates through narrow spaces between vehicles before traffic light changes, it is a case of hard acceleration. It can also be seen when drivers are waiting at a traffic light and as soon as the light turns green, they press hard on the gas.

This naturally is a road safety issue as shown by a driving school in Cranbourne. Moreover, hard acceleration wastes fuel as the accelerator opens drains up more fuel than necessary. Many fatal accidents are caused due to hard acceleration.

How to Monitor Hard Braking and Acceleration?

Monitoring both of these can help drivers in many ways.

Firstly, it can decrease the chance of accidents. Both of these are harmful and problematic for all the drivers on the road. The risks of collision increase in both of these scenarios. Therefore, it is always recommended to avoid both of these until and unless there is an emergency such as to avoid an accident or to save a vehicle or any living being.

Fuel can be saved

Eliminating hard braking and acceleration can save a lot of fuel and hence reduce your costs. These days, when fuel prices are increasing, it is always a good idea to conserve the resources while reducing the environmental impact.

Since the emission of harmful gases can be cut down by avoiding these two ways of driving, it is recommended by popular driving schools worldwide.

There are other precautions too that must be followed while driving on the road. To know them you must visit a reputed driving school in Mount Waverley where safe driving will be taught by the experts.

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The author owns a driving school in Cranbournewhere students learn to drive vehicles safely while following all the guidelines for drivers.