Most of the people want to decorate their homes like a dream home. This is only possible if they use things that are different from others and are unique. What makes a house feel like a home is the love of your dear and near ones and the treasured items that you buy to make your home look and feel beautiful. It’s the simple things at home that add to its beauty and uniqueness.

If we consider decorating our floor then machine-made carpet and rugs are preferred the most. But it will surely not add a unique look to your home as it gives a very ordinary look. So to make it look different we have to choose something different that is not seen frequently in other’s homes. Thus, choosing a handmade carpet is a good idea. It gives a look to your house that takes the overall decoration to the next level and you can easily buy these handmade crafts online.

Before buying a carpet, there are certain things that need our due attention and this can quickly limit the choice of the carpets. Say if you require a carpet for it to be displayed in the entrance area then you should go with the sturdy and strong carpet. In addition to things other factors that need our due consideration is its furnishing style, size, personal taste, and its durability.

These factors influence our decisions when buying a carpet or a rug. If we are purchasing a high-quality carpet then it can easily survive for many years. With the changing trends and fashion hand-knotted rugs and carpets have always been made a special place for themselves in fashionable furnishing styles. It is, therefore, worthwhile to choose the carpet with regard to the changing fashion.

But the question that keeps on haunting us is what is the difference between man-made and machine-made carpets and rugs? Secondly, why is a handmade rug or carpets given a better place when compared to its machine-made counterpart?

What makes Handmade Carpet and Rugs a better choice than machine-made ones?

1. The difference in Materials

There is a huge difference in the handmade carpets and machine-made ones. Handmade carpets and rugs are made with natural yarns like wool, silk, cotton and jute etc. On the other hand, machine-made carpets are made with nylon, polyesters, etc. which is made by humans only as they are synthetic. The material used for weaving a handmade carpet is rare and thus it is more difficult to find as they are found in nature.

2. Handmade rugs are more durable

The handcrafted things mean that extra care and time is being invested in making each carpet and rug. If we compare it to its machines-made counterparts, handcrafting is a slower process but is done with a lot of consideration and promises a much better quality. This results in carpets and rugs of higher quality and durability.
In addition to it, the man-made carpets are color-fast and as the wet-dyeing process is used for coloring the yarns while the machine-made carpets are not colorfast and may fade after some time.

3. Handmade rugs are unique

It’s a well-known fact that handmade items are unique and one of its kind. Mass and machine-made items lack that uniqueness and personality as they all are the same. Thus, there is a surety with these machine-made carpets that you may find its identical twin at some other’s home as well and then you might give a second thought to your decision of filling your home with ordinary or identical pieces. If uniqueness is a trait in your personality and this is what you aspire to be then handmade rugs are a perfect choice.

4. Handcrafted carpets and rugs are more sustainable

Sustainability means that something can survive the test of time and can be used for a longer time. Handcrafted carpets and rugs are a more sustainable choice when compared to the machine-made ones as it is of better quality. This is why quality matters a lot.
The material, color, and technique Used in making the hand-made carpets definitely make them of better quality and thus increases its durability, making it more sustainable.

5. Handmade rugs have exemplary design

Handmade is often considered as an epitome of beauty and art as handicraft as art the artist weaving it pours his heart in it. It allows an artist to express his love for the craft and his cultures. Therefore, handmade carpets and rugs made with hand come out as an exemplary piece of art and craft inspiring people to make it a part of their home.

6. Handcrafted rugs made strong with strong and natural materials

The effort and time that goes into the making of the handmade rugs, the quality of the material used in it cannot be compromised. Nothing but the best materials can be used to create them making them more valuable and last for a lifetime. Natural materials like the silk of the mulberry silkworm and wool yarn made by hairs of sheep are used to weave these carpets. With the right care and maintenance, your carpets will add to the beauty of your home for years to come.

7. The difference between manufacturing techniques

There is also a major difference between the manufacturing process of handmade carpets and machine-made carpets that brings the main difference in their look and quality. A handmade carpet is woven on a loom called handloom while a machine made with the machine is called power loom. A handloom is operated by hand while a power loom is operated by a computer. A handmade carpet can be flat woven or hand-tufted making it sturdy and strong.

8. Manufacturing time period

A handmade carpet takes around 3-12 months to complete and weavers tie about 10,000 knots per day. On the contrary, a machine-made carpet takes a maximum of 2 hours to complete which can vary a little according to the size of the carpet. The process of machine-made carpet is very easy and a total of ten carpets can be made per day with the machine.

Giving preference to a handmade rug over a machine-made one is important if you are not only buying a rug as a decorative element but also as an investment of a lifetime. With so many options and variety available you can easily buy carpets and rugs online.

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Danis is a craft artist by profession and a writer by hobby. He loves to write about ancient designs of handmade craft items.