It is a common phenomena that people working with the law of attraction and positive thoughts towards a goal will receive many opportunities, but often, they never materialize. This leads to confusion and eventually dropping of the faith and efforts along with giving up hope. I have spent many years studying this problem and would now like to explain it and tell you how to correct it. The problem is in lying. Specifically self-lying.

When you meet someone and they are lying to you, you may or may not know it. If they are a really good salesman, they can lie straight in your face and you will trust them, because they are conscious of what they are doing and so put in effort to do it well. If they are not that good, and try to lie, you will know something is wrong.

But there are times when you know something is wrong, you may not be able to put your finger on it, but you should not trust or feel totally confident with this person for some unidentifiable reason, even though they appear to be totally honest, and so you do not give them the job or work with them.

If you are intentionally lying to get something, and you do not get it, you can explain that very easily, you got caught out. But if you are very sincere, at least in your own mind, and you repeatedly do not get what you seek, why would this be happening?

Self-lying is clearly what it is, you are lying to your self about what you think you want. This is the problem. Many people have a goal, and believe that is their goal, but in reality it is not the true goal or in some cases, actually opposes their real goal.

This results in sitting in a job interview, and putting on your best face, having a great interview and not getting the job because the interviewer just felt something was wrong. It will also manifest in a continuous stream of opportunities that keep coming your way to give you hope, but never pan out for any variety of reasons.

Self-lying is like being a bad lier. You really want to believe and convince the other person about what you are saying, but you just do not have your full heart in the story.

The power of your mind is strong enough to draw what you want, but when the desire comes close enough, it is repelled by conflicting desires, self-lying, and then you just cannot grasp the goal.

Looking at this from a magnetic point of view, the desire draws the goal closer, but when it gets close enough, it is repelled by the real thought, however like a magnet, we cannot physically see the positive or negative poll, one that attracts and the other that repels. However, we do see it through its results of attraction and rejection.

You must find your real goal, your real desire and uproot all self-lying for every aspect of your life. When there is pure thought and no inner contradictions, meaning when you really believe what you think you believe, when you really want what you think you want, or think you want what you really want, at that time, the opportunity to achieve your goal will come and you will be able to grasp it and succeed.

In the meantime, there is adequate proof that your mind can draw to it whatever it desires. There are many stories of ‘miraculous’ success and opportunities. This should give you enough proof that your mind has that power. But you do not attain the results, so there must be an equally valid reason for this.

Often people desire failure, or they desire to repel something. You can desire NOT to have a particular thing. Depending on how your mind works with that thought, you may think you do not want it but by focusing on it so intensely, you attract it. Or perhaps you desire something, but there is a tinge of fearing getting it, so you draw it close and when it is close enough that you can smell it, you reject it.

The power to draw close what you desire is the magnetic force, but you are turning the magnet around at the last minute which then repels the object of desire, then turning it back again to attract a new opportunity.

All this time, you do not see the magnet switching poles, and most importantly, that you are doing this yourself. It is not happening to you, the Universe is not testing you, you are drawing what you do not want, bizarre as that is, many people have confirmed that this is in fact the case.

The prerequisite to successfully using the law of attraction to achieve any goal is to eliminate self lying. The difficulty is in finding your lie. That is done by…

Reviewing your goals and listing out the events or opportunities that have come to you which appeared to be able to fulfill your goal.
Next, note down what happened with each opportunity, if you got it or why you did not, what went wrong.
Imagine yourself with this goal, is there anything wrong or bad about it? This requires tremendous objectivity and honesty. There may be one little thing that comes with it or that changes you that you do not like.
Review your feelings about your goal and if you find even the slightest hesitancy or discomfort, then you know you are not being honest about what you really want.
Now you can work on finding what you really want, which could be totally unrelated to the current goal.
When you find that and are honest, now you can move forward.

If a person is honest and very sincere, you know you can trust them, and you will give them what they want. If you want a certain job, and you convince yourself that is your real goal, but you are lying to yourself, you will get interviews but never get the job because they sense something is wrong.

If you do not care about getting a particular job that you are interviewing for, you would like to have it so you give a good interview, but you know this is not your real goal, it only leads you to your real goal, then you are honest, confident and comfortable in the interview, and you will get the job.

Knowing your real goal, eliminating self-lying, does NOT mean you have to change your current goals. It does NOT mean you have to do anything differently. What it does is it removes uncertainty and inner conflict making you far more peaceful and comfortable. This feeling of comfort is transmitted to everyone you interact with and makes them comfortable with you.

If they are comfortable with you, they will give you what you want. Then use what you get and continue towards your real goal. It may sound strange but even if you do not get your ultimate real goal, being honest about it to yourself will alter your personality in such a way that you will get many other things and that will give you a better life.

As your life improves in this way, by having more of what you want, even if you are still waiting for your true goal, your heart and mind will relax, people who meet you will feel comfortable, and in this roundabout way, your real goals will materialize.

Integrity and honesty, as Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.”

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