There are many reasons why patients go abroad to seek addiction treatment. The change of environment and the freedom from any temptations and distractions all play a huge role in people opting for overseas treatment. One of the most renowned treatment destinations is Bali, Indonesia and many people come for drug rehab in Bali to break free from the vicious cycle of drugs and alcohol. Today we’ll be discussing what makes Bali a great destination for those looking to make lasting life changes.

It provides new opportunities for personal growth

Traveling for addiction treatment is one of the best ways to start a rehabilitation journey. It provides plenty of opportunities to establish positive behavioural patterns and introduces radical change to a patient’s life. Seeking addiction treatment in Bali provides a fresh start where you can take your personal growth seriously thanks to the lack of addiction triggers. This greatly minimises the risk of premature withdrawal from relapse and treatment.

Patients who stay within the confines of their own country are rather limited in terms of treatment options, making it difficult to break out of the cycle. Bali provides a completely new and exotic setting that frees you from distractions and enables you to embrace alternative treatment methods that may not be available back in your homeland. The new environment allows individuals to develop positive habits and routines to replace their old, destructive patterns.

It offers the perfect setting for rehabilitation

Thailand is considered by many trauma specialists as the medical hub of Asia and for good reason. The Cabin in Chiang Mai is one of the most respected addiction rehabilitation facilities in Asia and has maintained a very high success rate in helping patients live a drug-free lifestyle. Bali is more than just a beautiful island as it houses state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities that are tailor-made for substance abuse and psychological trauma treatment. Going under rehabilitation doesn’t mean you get to receive poor privacy conditions. In Bali, you get to enjoy its beautiful landscape while recovering from serious addiction problems.

Most rehab centres in Bali offer residential treatment programs that incorporate activities such as mountain climbs, temple visits, spa treatments, and many more. This provides healthy downtime to patients that allow them to recover and rehabilitate, all while enjoying the best of what Bali has to offer. A change of scenery where the patient is far away from temptations is a recipe for a successful rehabilitation and you can achieve that by undergoing addiction treatment in Bali.

Clinically proven treatment methods are used

Rehabilitation centres in Bali employ professional staff that are experienced in helping patients overcome their substance abuse. Their recovery programs are centered around clinically proven treatment methods that address psychological trauma and substance abuse in a medical approach. Going in Bali for rehab is not a sober living retreat because some of the best and most qualified medical professionals work in Bali and provide a holistic treatment regime that’s both proven and effective.

Treatment in Bali is more affordable than in the West

Undergoing private rehabilitation treatment can be quite expensive. In Australia, private rehab can cost anywhere from $20,000 all the way up to $120,000 for a complete treatment program. Families of recovering patients are sometimes forced to cash in their retirement investments or remortgage their homes just to provide their loved ones with the help they need. Rehabilitation programs in Bali are competitively priced and are much more affordable compared to treatment in the West.

This allows families to provide the necessary treatment their loved ones need to successfully recover from substance abuse. There’s no need to borrow money against your assets because high-quality treatments in Bali can be attained without breaking the bank.

Faster rehabilitation treatment

Undergoing rehab treatment in Bali is a life-changing decision, one that is going to help your loved ones go over that hump and live a more fulfilling lifestyle. Public rehabilitations usually take three to five months before a patient is treated and there’s no cure in making up for lost time. While it is possible to receive immediate treatment in a public rehab facility, this can only be achieved if you are deemed sick enough to be admitted directly into their programme.

The unavailability of immediate help during this stage can cause the patient to revert back into a state of relapse and denial. A private rehabilitation centre provides immediate medical attention to patients and help them rest, and recover from years of substance abuse. Most experts will agree that most addicts will cry out for help and acknowledge their addiction in a very short time frame. This makes it crucial for them to receive treatment as soon as they see the way out. Rehab centres in Bali provide private residential treatment programs that set up your loved ones for long-term success and sobriety.

The next step

If you or your loved one are considering rehabilitation treatment in Bali, Calm Rehab Bali will welcome you with open arms. Contact us and learn more about our program to start your journey of complete rehab here in the beautiful island of Bali.

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