Statistics show that every year many product manufacturers order 3D Hologram Stickers and different varieties of laser stickers in order to safeguard their products and prevent them from duplication. If seen in the current scenario, counterfeit market is on the rise and it has become a big parallel industry on the whole. There is no second though on the fact that counterfeiters are costing too much to the manufacturers as well as market consumers and therefore it becomes necessary to opt for thermal printing labels and laser stickers. If you ask the manufacturers who have been victimized as the result of counterfeiting, you will come to know how much potential loss is being done by the counterfeiting market. Thousands, if not millions of manufacturers have been robbed of millions of dollars as the result of counterfeiting. Likewise, every year millions of consumers are duped as they buy counterfeit products taking them to be original products.

It is important to note that counterfeit market existed for many years but it is only recently that advancements in science and print technology that counterfeiters have got the impetus to produce duplicate products and stickers. The duplicate products have created furor in the original product manufacturing market as the result of which original product manufacturers have seen considerable loss. Counterfeiters have played major role in augmenting black marketing and it has completely changed the over all market scenario simply for bad reasons thereof.

Role of 3D hologram stickers and thermal printing labels is indispensable and many product manufacturing companies already trust the thermal and holographic print technology for the production of laser stickers as well as 3D hologram stickers. The 3D Hologram stickers and laser stickers can be custom designed and manufactured for any type of product and the best thing to note is that these special stickers can easily paste on any type of surface. Further, the thermal printing labels and laser stickers once pasted on the glass, rubber or any other surface cannot be removed, without completely destroying them.

Thermal printing labels use the thermal technology whereas the laser stickers manufacturing requires the use of highly advanced laser technology for the manufacturing 3D hologram stickers, the 3D effect in holographic labels and stickers comes from embossing, and moreover, it creates uniqueness in the product. Any 3D shape can be given to the thermal printing labels and laser stickers and therefore, the original product manufacturers don’t actually need to go for separate designing of the logo.

One thing which holds true under all the conditions is that thermal printing labels and 3D hologram stickers have changed the things dynamically from the bad to the good. 3D Hologram stickers and laser stickers have become preferred choice of manufacturers all across the globe and why not. Product manufacturers do not want their product range to be copied and duplicated for sale in the black market.

Thanks to the 3D Hologram Stickers and thermal printing labels which have made the product manufacturing market safe and secured.

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Lasersec author writes in detail on different types and designs of 3D Hologram Stickers, Thermal Printing Labels as well as Laser Stickers. The author is also aware of manufacturing process of the stickers.