We all know that getting our daily servings of at least five fruits and vegetables everyday can help us stay fit and healthy. Because of the vitamins, minerals and fiber they contain, meeting our daily intake is important in the prevention of certain diseases like cancer, heart ailments and stroke and aids in our efforts to lose weight. Thus, it's important to get the minimum in our daily diet.

But let's face it: We rarely ever meet the desired minimum target. Most of the time, it's not because we don't like fruit and vegetables but we just don't plan it ahead. If we want to truly gain their immense benefits, we've got to boost our intake. Here are some easy ways to get your five a day:

1. You don't have to eat fresh fruit all the time. Scour the frozen food section of the supermarket and take your pick from frozen strawberries, raspberries or mixed varieties. Thaw them in a bowl, add in some nuts and some cereals and you've got the most delicious breakfast imaginable!

2. Make a fruit or green smoothie. Get fresh or frozen strawberries, apples, pears or bananas. Add in a little soy milk and some non-fat yogurt and a teaspoon of honey for added sweetness. Blend them together in a blender or smoothie maker and you've got the most delicious and healthy fruit smoothie for your midmorning snack. For your green smoothie, add in some leafy greens like arugula and kale to your fruit mixture for an even healthier blend.

3. Juice up! Opt for fresh juice from fresh fruit and not processed sugar-laden drinks so you can get one refreshing drink anytime of the day. Invest in a juicer so you can make juicing a daily part of your diet.

4. Dried fruits like apricots, prunes and raisins make good fruits on the go. Always have a one with you whenever you're out so you can have a healthy snack option wherever you are.

5. Buy or learn to make vegetable soups and stir fries. Choose pre-chopped stir-fry mixes, pre-chopped mushrooms and canned veggie soups. Just watch the sodium content.

6. Eat more salads. Learn to make them at home, too. All you need are lettuce, tomatoes, onions, nuts and cheese. Coat them with the dressing of your choice, toss and crunch your heart away. Nothing could be simpler.

7. Munch on raw carrot, celery or cucumber. They might take a bit getting used to but they are actually delicious especially when dipped with your favorite salsa.

8. Have a peanut-butter- banana sandwich for snacks. Not only will you get potassium and fiber, you'll also get your dose of protein and carbohydrates as well.

9. Put in beans in your tacos or add them to your soups and salads. It's a great and easy way to get your dose of protein.

10. Be adventurous. Try varying your shopping options of fruits and vegetables. Chances are, you haven't sampled all the wide variety of fruits and veggies in the market, it's really about time you do. Bring on the dragon fruit, please!

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