Among all things, there is always something that is of the greatest value to us. Like all the people in the world, we have our family, friends, wife, husband, the significant others that we love so dearly. It’s pretty much the same with our senses. Of course, our sense of hearing, touch, smell, taste, and sight are all of equal importance to us. Why sacrifice one over the other? There’s no point in doing such. However, there may be times when one of those things needs a little help.

Since our body is a very complex biomechanical machine, it can do wonders for us. Take for example these two eyes of ours help us understand and appreciate this place we live in. They add meaning to our lives and keep us safe. We may take care of all our body parts equally, but when our eyes are in danger, things can get awry and nerve-wracking. Thankfully, due to the advancement of technology today, we have new methods of treating diseases and illnesses in ways that have never been done before. Learn more about these methods when you visit However, let us dig deeper into what is known as the stem cell therapy for the eyes.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

We’ve heard a lot of news about this thing, especially around the medical field. In a nutshell, a stem cell is the body’s most fundamental cell, it is the very cell in which all other cells—bone cells, muscle cells, eye cells—are formed. The concept behind using these stem cells to treat diseases is that by using “healthy” cells, they will turn into those cells that need repair and eventually replace all of those that are diseased.

Going back to our eyes, it is made up of various parts that coordinate with one another. The retina, cornea, lens, retinal pigment epithelium, and optic nerve work as a team to enable us to see the world around us. They are only a few of the complex parts that make up the eyes, but when one of those parts malfunctions, the whole sense of vision can be compromised.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Works?

Now, how does stem cell therapy play an important role when this happens? To sum up, stem cells gathered from your own eyes are used to repair the eyes itself. Sounds crazy? Sure, it is! After all, it is the only stem cell therapy for the eyes that is approved up to date. They call it the Holoclar or also commonly known as “Ex vivo expanded autologous human corneal epithelial cells containing stem cells”. This type of treatment is specifically used for those patients who have limbal stem cell deficiency—from moderate to severe conditions.

Now, that may sound very technical, but the very essence of that treatment still boils down to the fact that healthy cells are matured and used to replace damaged and diseased cells. This mature-and-replace process has been credited with many positive results. One such headline cited this method of treatment as a way to treat blindness.

Final Words

Moving on, despite the progress that technology has bought into ourselves, we cannot afford to lose our sense of vision. It’s not just because it is important to us, but it also helps us to value the things we deeply care about and love the most.

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Umar Bajwa is a blogger and professional content writer loves to write about lifestyle, fitness and health-related topics.