Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization offers numerous benefits to businesses. The most important benefits of SEO are standing out from the crowd. There are over 300 million websites on the web so SEO helps your website to stand out from the crowd and get located easily. Here are the other benefits of SEO.

Low cost traffic

When your website has been optimized for search engine, it is kept at the top of relevant search engine result pages. Once your website is there, you can be sure of regular traffic. This is because every prospective customer goes through the search engine to find out about the products of interest. Most customers do not go beyond the third result page before making their decision. And they only go that far if they are not satisfied with all the links they have been visiting.

Usually, they only search the topmost 5 links on the first result page and take their decision there. So, if your website comes within the topmost five links in the first page, you will get unlimited traffic. This method is far cheaper than other traffic pulling methods like Pay-per-click and others.

Unlimited lead generation

Take this scenario for instance, you sell laptops. Anyone who wants to buy laptops searches on Google for the best online store to buy laptops and your website comes up. It means that search engine optimization does not just pull ordinary traffic to your website, it pulls traffic that can be converted to sales. This is because the traffic is made up of mostly people who are not only interested in your product but are also ready to make an order.

Higher brand credibility

A lot of people trust Google. So when your website begins to come up consistently in its search engine result page, the credibility of your store will continue to go up. And if you make your first set of customers happy, they will boost your sales with word of mouth recommendations. That is the cheapest and most effective means of advertisement.

Generate a lead to your offline store

If you have offline stores, you could also include the address of your offline retail store on your website. If the prices are right, customers who live nearby will prefer to go there and buy instead of ordering online and waiting for a couple of days for the arrival of their order. Besides, some products get damaged in transit.

Your competitors are already optimizing their websites

Another good reason for you to optimize your website for search engine is that a lot of your competitors are already doing it. You don’t have to wait until they eat into your market share before you act. Any company that still ignores search engine optimization and other website promotion strategies is already running itself out of business gradually.

Hiring an search engine optimization expert

Since the world has woken up to the benefits of search engine optimization, the demand for it has exploded. It is natural that when there is a high demand for a certain service, innumerable providers of that service emerge.

So, there are several specialists for search engine optimization. But there is a big problem with that. Only a very few of them are really competent. Only very few of them are good enough to give you good results. To avoid falling into incompetent hands, you might need to follow the tips below to hire an search engine optimization expert.

Talk to more than 3 search engine optimization specialists

It is not such a good idea to settle for the first search engine optimization specialist you get to meet without talking to a few others. You won’t be able to make necessary comparisons on charges and terms of service. You can’t be sure you got the best deal if you don’t compare.

Hire a Google certified search engine optimization expert

Google trains several people on search engine optimization after which the trainees take certification examinations. And if they pass the examinations, they get certified. It is highly advisable to hire a Google certified professional for search engine optimization. Apart from the training, Google regularly notifies its graduates of any new search engine optimization technology.

Seek reference

Another great way to hire a competent search engine optimization expert is to seek reference. Do you know of any of your friends, family or colleagues whose website has been successfully optimized for search engine? You might need to talk to them to give you the contact of the specialist who handled it.

Hire a team or a company

Single individuals charge less than a team of search engine optimization specialists or company providing the service. Despite that, it is better to hire a team or a company. The service will definitely require some continuity. If you hire an individual, you might to be able to get him again after just 6 months. He may have relocated or gone back to school or he may have changed his career.

When you hire a company, there is continuity. Employees may come and go but the company will remain. It is the company you are dealing with and not any particular individual. So, don’t let low charges deprive you of the continuity that this service requires.

Experience matters

Do you think hiring a Google certified search engine optimization might be too expensive? Do you know anybody who can refer you to a good search engine optimization expert? If not, you might need to hire one on your own. It is better to talk to several prospective providers before hiring one. In this situation, what you should consider is experience. There is no profession where experience doesn’t matter.

You obviously want your website to be in the first relevant search engine result page, don’t you? The problem is that there are more optimized websites than what the first few search engine result pages can take. This implies that your website may be optimized and may still not appear on the first few pages of Google. This is where experience makes the difference.

Of course every search engine optimization service provider will claim to be highly experienced. Even the ones who are yet to handle their first job will also tell you how experienced they are. This is why you should not rely on mere word of mouth on this. Ask for a documentary evidence for the purported experience.

Be careful of low charges

Don’t hire the expert with the least charges just to save cost. Sometimes, low charges could be a trap. Quality is not cheap. Most times it is quacks and charlatans that bait customers with ridiculously low charges. So don’t let only low charges sway you. At the same time, you have to be careful because higher charges do not always mean higher quality of job.

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