It’s easy to remember certain things from the past due to their effect on our emotional health. Think about the last time you felt incredibly happy. You will have plenty of such memories and they are easy to recall because they have a strong emotional effect on you. Well, it doesn’t work like that always. There are times when we experience intense emotions that we don’t process. We distract our minds from such situations, instead of accepting and processing them.
As a result, these emotions are stored in the subconscious. It is called emotional suppression. Alcohol rehabilitation center in Mumbai can help in getting out of emotional suppression. Put in other words, emotional suppression is a process of detaching ourselves from unpleasant emotions in such a way that we find an escape every time we experience unpleasant situations. Although it may be temporarily reliving, emotional suppression can have a bad long-term impact on our mental health. In fact, a majority of mental health issues occur because you develop a habit of suppressing your emotions.

Connection Between Emotional Suppression and Addiction
People join drugs rehabilitation center in Pune to recover from an unhealthy addiction that has wreaked havoc in their lives. But, what causes this addiction in the first place?
People perceive addiction as an escape from reality that’s hurting them physically and mentally. Those who develop an addiction start by trying to find comfort in alcohol, drugs, and other addictive behaviors.

They are willing to do anything that suppresses their emotions and distracts their mind from negativity (even if it’s for a temporary period). Gradually, it becomes the coping mechanism that relieves them from stress, pressure, and anxiety. Every time they experience an event that triggers their anger and anxiety, they turn to alcohol or drugs for relief.

The addiction gets to a stage where the individual loses their ability to understand, process, and manage their emotions without using substances. That’s how emotional suppression and addiction go hand in hand.

What can Help?

Treatment is necessary for both substance addiction and emotional suppression. Initially, the person has to get into rehab for alcohol addiction treatment in Pune. A rehab center will provide them with a safe, convenient, and free environment where they can abstain from alcohol easily. Since there will be no triggers, it’s easier to control your cravings. The physician will conduct detoxification to remove any traces of drugs from your body.

Note that you need constant support from professionals and 24/7 monitoring to prevent emotional triggers. The goal of physicians and therapists working at a rehabilitation center is to help you with addiction, identity the root cause of your mental issue that led to addiction, and resolve it with therapy and constant support.

However, de-addiction will not help you cope with the mental issues. You need therapies, counseling, and mindfulness practices to identify the pattern of your emotions. You leave the rehab center fully recovered, not only from addiction but from your emotional suppression issues as well. As a result, the patient starts processing emotions, instead of suppressing them.

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