What is an Electric-go kart?

A type of GO-Kart is powered by batteries and an electric motor unlike a gas-kart, in which a petrol engine is used. Electric go-cart is mainly used for recreational purposes, however, high-end models are also offered for serious and professional kart racing.

The Difference Between Gas and Electric go-kart

Just like the engine used in a go-kart, there are many other significant differences between gas and electric go-kart. Some of the differences are:

Speed and Handling

The major advantage that gas go-karts have over electric go-karts is speed. Gass go-karts are faster though hit the top speed much more quickly than their counterpart. In a gas go-kart, the acceleration is relatively slower. However, the electric go-kart has more torque, so on multiple turns, it can be really beneficial.

Driver Safety

Electric go-karts are safer to drive and race than gas go-karts. Thanks to their evenly distributed battery weight, electric go-karts are less likely to flip or tip than gas go-karts. It also has all the mechanical components covered, so fewer chances of getting burned or injured.

During accidents or crashes, electric go-kart can use their back gear to remove themselves from the situation without calling the attendants.


Electric go-kart requires low maintenance. The only thing they needed is lead-acid batteries to be charged after each run. Despite the fact that these are low maintenance or maintenance-free, the operating and maintenance cost is marginally high as compared to a conventional gas go-kart.

Environmental Impact

One of the major benefits electric go-karts have over gas go-karts is Environmental friendly. According to a survey, gas-powered engines like gas go-karts produce the same emission in just one hour as a typical car driving 350miles. Electric go-cart on other hand produces zero-emission and makes it cleaner and safer to drive.  The exhausts in gas go-karts aren’t hazardous for the environment only, but also dangerous to people causing sickness and illness. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to this environment can cause respiratory infections and cardiovascular problems.

How long does it take to charge?

There few areas you should keep in your mind when talking about electric go-kart charging. The time depends on the type of battery you use, such as (Li-Ion) Lithium-Ion batteries which are most probably used these days. The other thing is the type of charging you are using, ie. A standard home 7KW charging point will be a lot slower than a rapid 150KW charger.

Above are some of the positive aspects of using an Electric go-cart over a gas go-kart. These make the Electric go-kart the future of racing. Many organizations are trying to invest in an electric go-karts to get rid of CO2 emissions from a gas go-kart.

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