Everyone’s life has been influenced by a teacher. Chances are a good friend or relative of yours is in the profession. There are currently about 6.2 million teachers in the United States. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 46% of new teachers leave the profession before their fifth year and 14% leave after only the first one. This "revolving door” in education, costs taxpayers roughly 7 billion dollars each year to fill those vacant positions.

Why is there such a big turnover in the profession in some areas? State mandates are one of the biggest complaints. Teachers are required to teach for a test, instead of having the ability to be creative. Too little administrative support is another complaint especially with new teachers in certain districts. Student discipline is a problem that many teachers say keeps getting worse. Lack of respect causes bad morale, especially after teaching a few years. Many teachers want to advance and climb up the ladder. Unfortunately, administration is the only option, so they choose to leave education altogether to take on new challenges. Many entrepreneurs are teachers not only of the skills teachers have but having the time off to help start and run a business.

A Teacher’s Career Coach or a Teacher’s Retirement Coach, specializes in working with educators. This type of coach can help those ready to begin teaching, those retiring, or teachers starting a new career. If one chooses to leave the profession, a teacher’s career coach can help re-invent one-self and start the next chapter of life.

Let’s face it, change can be very good, but it can be also very scary at times. Why should you be unhappy? Sometimes an objection person is all that is needed to help guide and mentor you through the process. Imagine what your life would be like if you could be following your dreams and passions. Coaching today continues to become more popular than ever. Recently, administrators, teachers,student teachers, and others in education are hiring coaches to help with their goals and objectives. Now is the time to stop making excuses and do it! Check out www.MichaelMalkush.com for more information.

Please share this to a teacher that you know that is either looking to enter the profession, is currently teaching and needs to be empowered, is looking to make a career change or plans to retire in the next five years.

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Michael Malkush has spent most of his adult life helping people. As an author, motivational speaker, success coach and mentor, he continues to work with people to help them be healthy, happy and successful. Michael has a Masters Degree in education and is a licensed New York State teacher.He has mentored new teachers and ran workshops to teach new skills to other educators. He is a certified professional life coach and a motivational speaker.

As a parent, teacher, and entrepreneur, Michael has achieved success, happiness, and enjoys a healthy lifestyle. He is the author of two books with which he shares his knowledge and experience to help others achieve their goals and dreams too.

Check out www.MichaelMalkush.com for more information about Michael's books and his new program the Success Blueprint.
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