In today’s digital world it is important for any business to have digital fingerprints. This is because it can be almost impossible to sell or advertise your business using old school marketing methods. Online marketing can be quite challenging to manage, this is because you need to know the tricks of the trade in order to reach your target market. Handling both online advertisement and your business can prove challenging especially when you are just starting up.

Every business however big or small need a website and an active social media life and this is where Drupal comes in. whether you need to hire Drupal web developer or have them manage your content, they are well equipped to do so.

What it is

Drupal is a software that is used to manage digital content. It can be used to create websites and app that your business need. It is among the top largest open source communities globally.

Why Choose Drupal

Creating a professional website is not quite easy. However, when you use Drupal you can be sure to have your website up and running in no time. One of the best thing about Drupal is that you can hire somebody to help you with it. In India, you can hire Drupal developer in India and your website will have a professional touch.

Here are some of the reasons why Drupal is good for small or startup businesses.

1. It has no licensing fees. Starting a business requires a lot of money. Imagine having your website running free of charge? Drupal is absolutely free.

2. It is very flexible. One of its core principles is modularity.

3. Drupal has excellent security, reliable performance, and easy content authoring. These are some of its excellent standard features.

4. With its tool, you can be able to build versatile and well-structured content that your business website need.

5. Using Drupal also give you the choice of creating integrated digital frameworks.

6. It has thousands of add-ons.

7. You can use its themes to customize your content.

8. It is an open source software. This means that anyone can work on it, use it, download, and even share it with other people.

9. It is easy to use and has a step to step guide on its training site.

10. It can be used and understood globally.

Drupal makes it very easy for small businesses to create their content and have a website up and running in a very short time so as to be able to have a competitive advantage. It has a large open source community in the world today with over 1,000,000 trainers, designers, strategists, editors. Coordinators, and sponsors who work together to make it as great as it is. This community is always ready to welcome new members.

With Drupal, you do not have to do it on your own but you can hire Drupal developer to help you with it as you focus on the day to day running of your business.

Who uses Drupal?

Many companies across the globe are using Drupal to communicate with people. Drupal is for both the big, small, and startup companies. It is available in 100 different languages. It has an updated software with more than 200 new features.

Companies enjoy having offshore Drupal development. This means that your companies’ website can be managed by highly qualified individuals who are out of your reach.

Digital marketing is key to any business whether established or upcoming and in order to be seen you need to have an online presence which can only be made possible with a good website which can be very costly especially to start up business. Drupal gives business owners a chance to not only have a website but a good platform to grow and have good websites for their businesses.

It is a very strong framework and is geared to inspire another level of digital experience. It will help you get to your target audience fast and more accurately with the information you have.

Today Drupal is available in all continents around the globe including, Asia, Africa, America, Europe among others. Get ready to build outside the box with Drupal.

Some of the key things that make Drupal exiting are:

* Editors can get the chance to turn their ideas to amazing experiences using a modern device and make their work come to life using drag-and-drop image uploads and better previews and still edit their work with the tools of their choice

* Administrators can view and customize the components, get to control how to display the data only by using one line of code. Structure the content and make it much more SEO friendly and this makes managing content fun and great experience

* Your target audience will also enjoy an easy to understand website even for people with disabilities. It is more usable with good color contrast and font sizes to choose from.

Drupal is the next big thing for creating websites and managing digital content. It has better development and maintaining it is very sophisticated. It has a more readable code and is only uses a much simpler and unified APIs that adds power to the modules and themes that you use. You can never go wrong when you choose to use Drupal for your business. As it grows your business is definitely geared to grow too.

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I, Kuldeep Kundal, the CMO of Cyber Infrastructure (P) Limited, and is the trademark of the CIS. I have been publishing technology content for the last ten years. Being inquisitive towards technology and management strategies has impressed upon me the mantra of success is to gain knowledge to share it.