I like to share with you this journey and why it is so import to listen to your dreams and connect with our beautiful planet:

imagine you having a dream, as my dream leaving this planet more beautiful then when I came and leave a legacy for the next generation which is a pretty big dream.
If it is a big dream it is so overwhelming you cannot know where to start or take a next step.

First you ground yourself with Mother Earth, Goddess Gaya ... whatever name that resonates with you and ask her for her amazing healing that whatever stands in the way to manifest your dream she retrieves from you and replace it with her beautiful healing energy to build up your energy and ask what you can do for her and be so grateful for her connection with you.

This seeds wants to be nourished, get all your beautiful attention and wants to have enough space to grow, involving the nourishment for the planet, the light and warmth from the sun, the refreshing rain, the guiding from the moon and planets, being connected to source light so it has to be weeded, which setting firm bounderies for yourself, for me the most important are trust, faith, believe in my dreams, being flexible. This little space is your little heaven on Earth and of course you are not alone people can really mess you up.

You have givers : which are us giving always everything we have and receiving nothing
you have takers : people only taking and not giving something back, invaders stealing your dreams and make them their own
you have manipulators : people who destroy your dream, through these lower vibrations by playing the victim, jealousy, co-dependency ...

The seed becomes a germ, get roots to really anchor into the earth and starts growing and at a certain point comes out of the earth to become this beautiful flower.

When you are really grounded and set firm boundaries it is easier to blossom otherwise you are so busy to protect this little plant.

If the little plant comes out of the earth is connected to source and gets information through electric impulses which are visions, channelings .. coming down into your body. The heart is a magnet who receives the electric impulses and attract whatever needed to help it growing. So if you act out of fear you attract all of that, if you act with courage to really makes this dream alive and vivid and wants to live you attract all of that. The fears are closed doors, limited beliefs you have to protect this loving space for the plant to grow.

So whatever or whomever comes to close to your loving space, which is in fact your heart, and emotions arises stay with it. These are the storms, hurricanes ... which is in fact a 'natural disaster'. Accept whatever comes up for you, any situation you are in, you know these things can happen and are signs that you are on the right path only you have not found the balance and harmony yet. Emotions can be like a pendulum going back and forth until its stabilize. So you look were the boundaries are not so firm and reset them. Have the courage to break down this big concrete wall and set boundaries. Forgive yourself whenever you made yourself so small and give your power away, not being able to stand up for yourself in a certain situation and froze up the energy were the plant cannot grow anymore. Forgive others whenever you have made them wrong in a certain situation preventing themselves to grow and blossom.

Courage : "The root of the word courage is cor—the Latin word for heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage had a very different definition than it does today. Courage originally meant “To speak one's mind by telling all one's heart.”"
It is the like the knot in a plant were all energies come together in order to grow.

So you come in new territory, being more aware of the surroundings, start being curious what your real feelings are, how you interact with it. If somethings feels good and give you more space be curious what it is all about and how it can help you grow. It gives you a direction to move forward. It can even be a detour to wherever you have to go in order to learn something new or reconnect you to something hidden. Have the courage to say NO and to fail, failure is a stepping stone to move forward only the pendulum is still moving. Reset your boundaries when necessary.

So when the plant starts to blossom it is really showing their most beautiful creation to the world and thrives on the admiration of all watching it blossom and receive the beauty of it. This is the action of giving/gifting AND receiving, watching yourselves through the eyes of others which can be very surprising. Here you can become the observer, over watching your beautiful loving space with ultimate bliss and this is were the magic is.

And then you have the process of regeneration, death and renewing again which is the process of making your dreams even bigger then ever imagined.

Like the parable in the bible : The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that a man planted in his field. Which is true but mainly based on masculine energy 'Kingdom' & 'man' being written and voiced by men and forgot to mention the Female energy : the nurturing of the land and plants and whatever necessary to make this plant to most powerful and nurturing plant to share with others to make them powerful and loving and nurtured, the love, the intuition to act in balance & harmony, to be able to forgive when hurt is done, to be able to witness the beauty in gratitude and grace, to be able to receive the grace and gratitude for all her work from others.

We have the ability to change ourselves and our situations and rewrite our stories sometimes very fast, sometimes slow anytime when necessary

For me dreams are the whisper of our soul on its journey of growth and mastery in any situation, in fact we are our dreams.
Imagination takes us beyond limitations so we can dream bigger.

Author's Bio: 

Desiree Paula Maria is an author, speaker and Akashic Records Specialist who works with Divine Spirit and a team of spirit guides archangels and Beings of light to assist you in receiving clarity as she is also a certified healer in the quantum field where all the answers to your questions reside. Working with Desiree will allow you to accelerate your dreams into reality faster than ever possible before. To book your Free Dream Discovery session and find out how every area of your life can improve at desireepaulamaria.com