Why Doubling Your Long-Term Memory Leads to Longevity

Did you know your brain is always using multi-senses, not just one,
for comprehension? When we are listening to anyone speaking to us
(giving a lecture, or movie dialogue), our brain is using a variety of senses,
not just our ears, to make heads or tails of their ideas and contents.

So what?

In order to get our point across when we are communicating with one person
or a group of folks – we must consciously use our face-teeth-lips and
hand gestures, body-language, and even posture to emphasize our ideas.

Do you forget that up to 50% of what we say is ranked important by
the tone of voice we use? How about smiling or frowning? The listener
is watching your face for cues (bodily signals) to deeply comprehend
the meaning of your ideas.

Who Cares?

Inquiring Minds need to know how to communicate better, to win promotions
in their career, improve their relationships, and gain self-esteem. Knowing what influences and persuades folks (facial cues and body language) is the difference between success and failure. So, you have to care, right?

Dr. Lawrence Rosenblum whose article appears in the journal – Current Directions
in Psychological Science – Multi-Senses in Brain Perception – 2.13.09 – says we
all read lips when listening to someone speak to us. It is part of paying attention.

We integrate hearing of course, but also use our vision and kinesthetic sense (feeling) for optimal perception. Doing this improves our Memory and learning skills. Speech is to be seen and felt, as well as heard.

Cool lifelong learners know the McGurk Effect is integrating what we see-feel-hear
senses when we listen to Homo sapiens speak. Awareness gives us the winning edge.

Peg System to Double Your Memory

Fact: the human brain has great difficulty in remembering numbers – Mark Twain
said, “The mind hates remembering numbers.” How do the stock brokers at the New York Stock Exchange do it? Answer: they substitute keywords for numbers
and tell themselves a little story.

Example: Exxon/Mobil is selling for $65.19. They have to know a couple of hundred
other stock prices and this one can fall between the cracks without a memory system.
The Peg Words (number substitutes) for $65.19 are: Striking (#6) and Fighting
(#5), and Running (#1) and Swine (#9). They mentally commit to memory an
Exxon gas station with the mechanics on-Strike (#6) and Fighting (#6) with scabs
(strike-breakers) and the police. Easy.

Then they imagine Mickey Mouse Running (#1) after a 600 pound Swine (#9), while yelling -Bacon-Bacon!” Remember this, the brain always thinks in P-I-C-T-U-R-E-S

Using Kinesthetic (feelings, touch) Sense to Remember

Here’s how to remember #1: Running – dangle and move your fingers back-and-forth, as if they were racing along. Nothing to it, right?

#2: Throwing: – Have your dominant arm make a pitching a baseball –motion. Easy.

#3: Peeing : – In the air – use your index finger to make a symbol of the capital letter – P.

#4. Scoring: - You know the baseball umpire’s sign for Safe? Both hands moving
laterally. Hey, you scored. Now try it. When you see the number four, you mentally
picture the umpire signaling – Score! It even rhymes.

#5: Fighting: - Use your kinesthetic sense and make a Fist. Pump your fist and your will always remember the number five is fighting. You integrate multiple-senses.
See- Hear-Feel #5 is Fighting. You will never forget it.

#6: Striking (either on-strike or striking someone over the head). Slap both palms
together with a loud noise. Some folks use the symbol of raising one-finger , which stands for – Strike One. Either one locks Striking as #6 in your long-term memory.

#7: Sleeping: Easy – Raise your index finger and make a large Z in the air. Zees for
snoring when sleeping. The more ridiculous the easier to recall. Zees for Sleeping =

#8: Mating: Unite together both your thumbs and twiddle them back and forth.
Mating = # eight and you picture your thumbs in action. Never forget your Peg word.

#9. Swine: Swell you cheeks full of air to remind you of a big, fat Swine. It rhymes
too – the Swine is #9. Now it is in your long-term memory for eternity.

#10. Hen – the kind that lays eggs? Ten is a Hen is the rhyme. Cup one hand over the other as if you were holding an hot egg in the middle. Do it now, please. It works.

Last one: #0 (Zero) In the air, use your index finger to print a capital Z. I remember
Z is for Zoro, and that reminds me Z (zero) equals the #0. Locked into your three-pound coconut, right?

We suggest you go back to the Exxon example of $65.19 and make it happen
kinesthetically according to the Peg Word substitution list. Do it 3x and it is in your mind for life. Oh yeah, memory improvement helps increase your longevity and
the quality of your life.


Repetition is the mother of memory – particularly when the reps are in mental pictures. Executives of Fortune 100 companies use this baby-easy strategy. Students at U.S. universities and graduate schools send us emails of gratitude for acing their
classes using our Peg Word system.

We know you own an Inquiring Mind and want to add this strategy to your
learning skills. Who would not want to double their memory? Start now.

See ya,


Question: would you have a major competitive advantage by reading and remembering three (3) books, articles and reports in the time your peers
can hardly finish one?

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