Women who give birth after their first IVF cycle are relatively uncommon, almost to the point of being rare. The second or third cycle usually gives the result in most cases. In discussion with fertility doctors at one of the best IVF centres in India (Delhi IVF), we dug deep into the reason behind the fact why first IVF cycles usually fail, and what can be done to prevent this failure and succeed in first attempt.

Why First IVF Cycles Usually Fail

Although the exact mechanism remains unclear, IVF doctorsat leading fertility centres say that the first IVF cycle is a stress inducing activity for the new IVF patient, this stress in itself increases the chances of failure. Secondly, even the smallest things cause anxiety, say, something as simple as an ultrasound. Inactivity is another reason, as people take advice of doctors to rest a bit too much to heart and don’t move at all. The pestering negativity of “Will it or will it not succeed?” is another thing which lowers the chances of the first IVF cycle succeeding.

What Can You Do To Increase Chances of First IVF Success

According to the experts at the IVF centre in Delhi we were in discussion with, here are certain tips you should keep in mind to increase chances of success. Have a look:

  1. Don’t take bed rest too seriously.

    Although you do need to take it slow for the first 72 hours of embryo transfer, too much bed rest after that is of no benefit, and in fact might do more harm than benefit. A better alternative is to go about normal activities, do something creative like painting, writing, stitching; anything that engages you positively and takes your mind off the constant thought.

  2. Stay neutral and manage expectations

    Stay neutral. Staying positive will lead to disappointment if the cycle fails and negativity leads to stress and anxiety which is directly harmful to you and your fertility. Engage your mind in an activity that you love or the one that you always wanted to do to keep it calm and neutral.

  3. The younger you are, the better the chances

    Assessing yourself medically is very important in cases of fertility. If you think you are inching towards going for assisted reproductive techniques at a reproductive fertility centre in the future don’t wait until you’re 35. Go for it at the earliest. IVF success rates are higher with younger women according to doctors at IVF centres. IVF is based on your infertility condition and not age factor.

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