Why Does My Wife Not Love Me Anymore: Wife Says She Loves Me but Not In Love with Me

The men who visit my blog on dealing with marital issues often want to know what they can do when they feel their wives don't love them anymore. It's incredibly challenging to be in a marriage in which you feel the other person doesn't care about you. You feel devalued, depressed and you begin to question whether divorcing may be the best solution. The largest obstacle in a situation like this is the fact that you may still love your wife deeply even though it's become very obvious that her feelings have changed dramatically. Although separation and eventual divorce is certainly an option, it should never be viewed as the only one. There are definitely steps a man in your position can take to change the future of the marriage. Giving up doesn't have to be your next move, not if you're committed to your wife.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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I want to help you understand a distinction that needs to be made when you feel that your wife doesn't love you anymore. There's a very large difference between a woman feeling neglected, ignored and undervalued and a woman who isn't in love anymore. Your wife may feel emotionally disconnected from you at this moment but that doesn't necessarily mean that she's fallen out of love. If she hasn't told you directly that she no longer loves you, don't jump to that conclusion. If you're basing this determination on the fact that she seems withdrawn, sullen or preoccupied with everything but you, there are other reasons for that. It may just be that your marriage has fallen into a gully of mutual emotional neglect and you now have to be the one to rescue it.

Take it as a very positive sign if your wife has yet to say that she wants to separate or divorce. When a woman truly does feel as though she's fallen out of love with her husband, she'll, at the very least, entertain the idea of ending the marriage. This is the case regardless of whether there are small children involved. It's typically very hard for any woman to stay in a relationship in which she doesn't feel a committed connection to her husband.

As for what you can do to change this, there are many effective routes you need to be taking. My first suggestion is to gently speak to your wife about where the marriage is now and where you both envision it being in a few months and even, in a few years. If she's reluctant to discuss this right now, don't push. If you are relentless with trying to get her to talk with you about what she's feeling, you'll risk her shutting down completely which will result in an even more strained day-to-day life around your home.

If your wife does indeed feel neglected by you, you'll see some strong clues in the things she does and says. Many women take the passive aggressive approach and talk frequently about a "friend" who has the ideal husband. If this is something your wife falls back to doing, assume that the "friend" in question doesn't have the perfect marriage and that your wife is only trying to give you some ideas of what you could be doing a better job of.

Take better care of your wife emotionally. Make time each day to really connect with her on a one-on-on basis. She needs to see that you're still willing to devote yourself to her and that she's not at the bottom of your life's priority list. Bring her flowers. Even though that seems cliché it's a wonderfully loving gesture. Take her out for dinner just because you love her. Don't wait for special occasions to pamper her. Make it a daily ritual and soon she'll start to feel that you truly do adore her. When she understands that, her attitude and feelings toward you will change for the positive. It's really just a matter of giving your marriage the care it deserves.

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Love! An emotion which is craved by all. We all wish to love somebody and be loved back in return. Genuine love is totally unselfish. True love means give and take.

Only when we learn to give can we expect to receive. So, the best way to make your partner love you more is by first loving your partner.

1. Spruce up yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and see the changes. Are you what you once used to be when your partner first fell in love with you? Surely your answer would be "no". Well then its time to bring in a transformation.

Exercise to get rid of all that fat and sloppiness. Buy yourself some really catchy clothes and outfits that your partner admires and would love to see you in. The effort will certainly bring in good results; but you must be at it religiously. Get a snazzy hairdo too to contribute to the new you.

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2. Be more communicative. Over the period you have drifted into taking your partner too much for granted. Analyze the changes and show more concern.

Renew that morning hug and kiss before leaving for work and then in the evening when you're back home again. Be more demonstrative and shower your partner with love. Learn to share one another's worries and problems.

3. Give your partner some space. Stop to think about the kind of relationship you both have been having in the recent times. Have you been too demanding of your partner's time and affections?

Your partner may need some space to spend as their own and do what they like. Respect this wish and leave them alone for some time till they appear ready to be with you for the rest of the time hereafter.

Once you've learnt to look at things from this perspective you'll find the difference in your relationship. Your partner will also feel more inclined towards you and love you more.

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Your equation with your partner might be excellent. You might be laughing like crazy when together and might also remain relaxed in each others company. But if you are left wondering if it is just an obsession for a short period of time or love then these 3 ways will help clear your mystified mind.

If you have ever fallen sick and find that your partner is standing by your side with concern on his/her face and a bowl of chicken soup in his/her hands then this certainly is love. If your partner is sensitive to your needs and unconditionally stands by your side during your hour of need then he/she certainly loves you. Your partner will also help you to get well by not only ensuring that you take your medication on time but also by providing you with a daily dose of warm hugs and kisses.

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If you find that your partner loves you as you are and does not compel you to change yourself or your views to gel well with his/her own views then this too is true love. Your partner should allow you to grow in your own unique way without attaching any conditions or limitations. Even if your partner does not expect you to reciprocate in a similar manner, if you love your partner with the same intensity then you too should let him/her blossom as an individual.

If you find that your partner has his/her eyes focused totally on you and is in awe of every action that you make or every sentence that you speak then your partner is in love with you. Sometimes, after the initial ecstasy, the level of excitement might die down but if you find that you partner still looks at you with the same loving eyes and still pays the same level of attention as a star-struck kid then this truly is love.

Hence these 3 ways will shout out with certainty that your partner loves you with the very same intensity as when you might have first laid your eyes on each other and skipped a heartbeat.

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You can't get your eyes or mind off the woman and you are convinced that she is the woman of your dreams. The only thing is that she does not even know that you exist! Or maybe she's just friends and is not attracted to you. These steps will help you to develop your personality and become irresistible to her.

Show her you are someone to reckon with
Be a somebody not a "nobody". This will mean that you have to find ways of standing out in the usual crowd that hangs around her. You will have to upgrade your looks and personality. Take steps to look cool and confident, attractive and impressive. She will begin to notice you which is the first step.

Don't act immature
Immature and silly boys are a definite turn off. This is because women do mature faster than guys and usually complain about guys who need to "grow up". Don't put her off. Show her that you are confident about yourself. Show her that you are responsible and serious about your finances and career.

Keep the romantic angle alive
Don't be too happy about just being friends. Look for opportunities to make her more aware of you as "dating material". You can do this by making her feel good and "special". Enhance your friendship by doing little things for her that will make her feel really cherished. She will love you for it.

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Give her the necessary attention
Show her that you like her. Let her begin to sense your faithful commitment towards her. Today there are too many guys who profess undying love but are in fact fickle. She needs to know that you have eyes for her and her alone.

Make her feel secure
If a woman begins to trust you, then she knows that she can count on you. This can be a very powerful foundation for a long lasting relationship. A woman can easily fall in love with a man she can trust.

Treasure the time with her
No matter what you do together whether it is some girly thing or sharing a burger, you have to let her know that you are with her mind, body and soul. No woman likes it when her guy seems to be only physically present with his mind elsewhere! Sacrifice something in order to make her happy and she will adore you.

Be caring and chivalrous
A man who is gentlemanly and chivalrous will always be a knight in shining armor. Compliment her sincerely and don't overdo it or else it will lose all the charm. Make sure that you appreciate her nature and intelligence.

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