Why Does My Ex Want To Be Friends With Benefits: Why You Shouldn't Be Friends With Benefits With Your Ex

You broke up with your ex, yet they still want to be friends with you! Does that mean that they still care about you, or that they still want to be with you; or does it mean something else? Why exactly would your ex choose to keep things open still, and can you still get back together then? It's definitely confusing to most to be put into a friendship zone after a breakup, but everything is about to become clear. Use these 4 reasons to understand why an ex would choose the friendship zone with you...

• Your Ex Is Giving You A Second Chance - If your ex was the one who broke up with you and imposed the friendship zone; then he/she is not ready to completely leave you. What they are looking for here, is for you to change and become the kind of person they want to date, and they are remaining friends with you, so that they can see the progress, be there for you, and so that they can get back together with you, when things smooth over again.

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• You Don't Get Along As Lovers, But You Work As Friends - Your ex appreciates you, there's no doubt about that. It's why they want to remain friends, so that they can still get the best things from you, and likewise you from them; BUT without all the pain. You see, when you are lovers, you just fight and hurt each other; but when you take the intimacy out of the relationship, you get along well and don't hurt each other. Your ex doesn't want to lose you completely, so they decided being a friend was better than being a lover.

• Your Ex Is Using The Friendship To Get Over The Breakup - Breaking up completely and cutting off all contact is painful to some people, and they will probably never get over the breakup easily that way. Thus, they choose to keep their exes as friends to help ease them out of the breakup, and your ex may be keeping you around, so that they can have you when they want, so they don't feel lonely. When your ex feels they are finally finished and over you, that's when they will stop being your friend as well.

• Your Ex Is Using You - Your ex may just be keeping you around, because they like how you spend money on them, or they like how they can use you for certain things which they wouldn't be able to get otherwise. Your ex may feel entitled to using you, if they feel that you treated them unfairly during the relationship or the breakup; and thus they may feel that you "owe" them, and keep you around as a friend to 'repay' them.

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Sometimes couples who seem to have enjoyed a loving relationship break up with each other due to misunderstandings and other forms of pressure that causes them to give up on each other. A lot of stressful situations, money problems, temptations, and simple arguments may combine into one great relationship problem that causes both of you to hate each other and discontinue the relationship.

If you want to keep your partner and your relationship intact, then follow the important lessons below so both of you can overcome any challenge that may come your way:

1. When you have a fight, identify the root cause of the problem so both of you can successful solve it - Couples normally fight because they have different take on things. To be able to successfully resolve any problem, you should always be calm and try to talk to your partner about the importance of identifying the core issue and settling it first rather than exchanging ugly words because you are too angry to think wisely.

2. Never let your anger get to you, practice mind calming exercises so you can better direct your partner into a reasonable conversation - Sometimes, people attend to their ego and pride first before listening to other people's arguments or suggestions. When you are engaged in a heavy fight with your partner, try to do deep breathing exercises and show your partner that nothing can be resolved when tempers are flying in all directions.

3. If the problem still persists, then give enough space and time for both of you to clear the tension away from your chest - If the above mentioned suggestion does not work for the time being, then it may be better if the two of you sizzle your anger apart from each other. Being apart for a while will give you enough space to set your emotions and ideas in order.

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4. Set rules with your partner before discussing the issue again - First of all, you must come into an agreement with your partner that when you discuss the problem both of you are allowed to disagree with each other. Simply put, agree with your partner that it is normal to disagree with another's idea and that the discussion is geared towards reaching a decision that is good for the both of you.

5. Compensate and sacrifice so both of you can reach a middle ground - It is normal for couples to choose different things for different types of situation thus both of you must be able to sacrifice and compensate for something so that both can agree into a workable solution for the problem.

6. Work hand in hand to solve whatever differences you may have - Any challenge in your relationship can be successfully overcome so long as you have the support of your partner. There are two players in a relationship and when one loses interest, the bond will most likely fail and break through various life challenges. Thus make sure to make an agreement with your partner that both of you will give every effort to work on any problem before it taints your relationship.

7. Practice patience and forgiveness for your partner - The best way to show your love and care to your partner is to be patient with their mistakes and forgive them for their shortcomings. When you show your partner that you are willing to wait for him to come around and you are always there to understand and forgive them for being immature, you show them how deep your love is and they will reciprocate the gesture.

Any relationship has its ups and downs; therefore you need to become a model to your partner and show attitude and behavior that will make the relationship stronger. Always be honest, faithful, patient, loving and true to your partner so you can successfully save your relationship from breaking up.

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1. Keep your emotions under control!
Your nerves are fragile and your emotions are distraught at the moment so you have to make moves without listening to what your heart says. Your heart may force you to meet up with your ex, but you have to listen to your mind. Be wise and don't interact with your ex partner after the break up. This will give your ex a break and will also be helpful in strengthening your self esteem.

2. Do some soul searching and accept where you went amiss!
Some people can be a little stubborn in accepting that they crossed the line many times before their partner decided to move out. If you want to get your ex, then you should voluntarily apologize for your indiscretions in maintaining the relationship. Rather than pleading for a second chance, try to convince your ex that you've changed for good and will not replicate previous errors.

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3. Back up your words with actions!
Your ex knows you pretty well so playing a game of words will not do. You need to make some tangible alterations in your lifestyle and your behavior so that you don't find it too hard to convince your ex.

4. Ask for a special meeting with your ex if you can!
Now, this is perhaps the most sensitive part of the plan. You've done hard work to change yourself so now is the time to stand up and be counted. You can also give your ex a few surprises in this meeting like changing your hairdo or wearing a dress that your ex gifted to you. The bottom-line is that you have to convey your feelings strongly but also remain charming and attractive so that your ex gets arrested in your love once again.

5. Don't wait for your ex to make the move!
Your ex may feel a touch embarrassed about returning back to you on their own because it was your ex that decided to abandon you. So, don't let your ego stop you from moving forward and extending a hand of tenderness and true love to your ex.

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